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    WT Day Sale (step 1/3)

    If you think WT is worth supporting, this is your golden chance.

    You can support the WT Expedition by buying the specific cycling days, from Day 1 until now.

    The price of the specific days varies according to the length of the cycling day, and is set at a fair 1 Danish Krone pr. kilometer which is the equivalent of 0.13 Euro / 0.17 USD pr. kilometer.

    The world is bigger from the seat of a bike than from looking at the world map at home. Doubling the original length of the expedition to 4 years (2006-2010), was a big decision to me: spiritually very exciting, economically quite bold.

    Thus, when I say that I need your support in order for me to complete my WT dream - by far the longest bicycle expedition around the world in Danish history - I'm not kidding.

    Your support is highly appreciated.

    You can become (a more active) part of the dream...

    What to do:

    The system is simple:

    1) Select the preferred currency (USD, Euro or Danish Kroner (default)) below

    2) Tag the day(s) you want to buy below

    3) Scroll all the way down, click "buy", and follow the instructions.

    NB: If you use Internet Explorer you might have to scroll way down to get to the Daysale system. Another reason to use Firefox.

    First come, first served, so don't hold yourself back! :-)