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    Archive for the ‘News’ Category

    The Proudest Monkey

    Thursday, December 5th, 2013

    I believe I’ve already used all of this years’ self-promoting silver coins (here and on Facebook ) – but bear with me, this one is different.

    Since I got back from my RTW bike ride I’ve been a member of De Berejstes Klub (DBK), a Danish club (founded 1996) that aims at spreading the desire to travel and spread information about travel, foreign countries and cultures (home page and wiki). In other words, it’s a great club where travel-crazy people can meet other travel-crazy people, share ideas and thoughts and perspectives.

    Every year the DBK honor one of its members with the “Folkersen-prisen” – a travel award that is given to a member of the club who:

    …over the years has traveled in the spirit of Poul Folkersen (one of the founders of the club), a person who has ventured far away from the usual tourist spots through a particularly energetic and boundary-pushing traveling life, a person who has thus gained a thorough understanding of local life and culture. Furthermore, it is emphasized that the member’s travel experiences have been appropriately passed on (through the written word) to both the club and the rest of society [My translation from DKB’s website).

    Needless to say, I was really surprised and super proud when my name came up last Saturday at the DBK annual general meeting. At the meeting the president of the club, Søren Fodgaard, explained and justified this year’s decision. To me it was all beautiful, memorable words that turned my whole body into goosebumps. Standing there in front of some 70 members of the club, I was trying not to look too fazed by it all, but it was a special and intense moment.



    Along with the great honor and a prize money came this fine heavy-duty trophy, appropriately shaped like a Globe.

    With much appreciation and proudness: thanks to De Berejstes Klub, for the Folkersen-prisen and for the best travel club in the country.

    / Nicolai (DBK-member #588)


    The Talk Plan Updated (Danish)

    Friday, August 26th, 2011

    Just go HERE!


    The Talk Plan Updated (Danish)

    Sunday, March 6th, 2011

    Just go HERE!


    Help: Name For My Publishing Company?

    Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

    I’ve decided to publish my first book (about my RTW journey, naturally) myself. It’s nearly there now and I’m really excited about it all. I need to find a name for “my own” publishing company (sounds fancier than it is. Basically it’s just a formality publishing your own books in your “own” publishing company name. Just need to find somewhere to print the book, to cut it short).

    At some point, I might want to publish other books that aren’t necessarily bike related (photo books, e.g), which is why I’m looking for a kind of generic name, less specific and bike-focused than, say, “Bike Adventures Press”…

    Can you help me come up with a cool/great/right name?

    I’ve been thinking about these names and would love your comments/feedback:

    1. Roaming Mind Press
    2. Roaming Gypsy Press
    3. Roaming Pilgrim Press
    4. Roaming Jailbird Press
    5. Blind Gypsy Press
    6. Ecstatic Thief Press
    7. Global Gypsy Press
    8. Global Mind Books
    9. Global Eyes Press
    10. Global Nomad Books/Press
    11. Global Thief Press
    12. Global Avenue Press
    13. Exposed Nomad Press
    14. Exposed Gypsy Press
    15. OpenEyes Press
    16. VacantVillain Press
    17. Twisted Gypsy Press
    18. Twisted Avenues Press
    19. Twisted Nomad Press
    20. Twisted Vision Press
    21. Global Loop Press
    22. Twisted Turnpike Press
    23. Themes From Turnpike Press
    24. AnthroEyesPress
    25. Culture Vulture Press
    26. Global Village Press
    27. Terra Maravilhosa Press
    28. Global Voyage Press
    29. Broken Boulevard Books
    30. Homebound Escapist Press
    31. Returning Escapist Press

    Thanks in advance for your 2P. Put it below or drop me a PM at nb@worldtravellers.dk.



    WT in Czech Bike Magazine – November 2010

    Saturday, November 20th, 2010

    Bummer part is, it’s all in Czech. Good part is, photos are universally understood:

    01 NOV 2010: WT in Cyklo Turistika


    The Talk Plan Updated 16NOV2010 (Danish)

    Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

    Just go HERE!


    The Talk Plan Updated (Danish)

    Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

    Just go HERE!


    WT-brochure out now! (Danish only)

    Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

    Click HERE for more info…



    Talk page updated!

    Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

    Check it out here!


    WT Talk Tourplan (updated).

    Monday, September 20th, 2010

    The link below shows a map of the talks I’m going to give around Denmark over the next months. It’s going to be a busy Fall…




    Article in paper Politiken (from 2009, in Danish)

    Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

    Last year while on the road, I had a little talk with a journalist from the Danish paper Politiken. The article – until now unpublished in Camp WT – was published in October 2009.



    WT-lecture in Copenhagen 05AUG2010

    Monday, August 9th, 2010

    I had the privilege to give a 3-hour lecture/talk about the expedition for friends and acquaintances a few days ago, on a rocking boat in central Copenhagen…

    Giving a WT-talk at the Kajak Café in central Copenhagen, 05AUG2010.

    All-up it was a great experience – and just my third presentation – but boy, it drains all my juices to be the center of attention this way…

    Hope all’s great your end too…

    // Nicolai


    On National TV

    Sunday, August 8th, 2010

    In (the very likely) case you missed the interview I did last week on live national TV (in my native tongue), here goes: (at 9’00” in the clip)

    Nicolai on the “Good Evening Denmark” talkshow, 03AUG2010.

    On that same day, there was an article (in Danish too) in the national paper, Berlingske Tidende.

    Cheers, Nicolai


    Here, There, and Everywhere

    Monday, July 19th, 2010

    I was interviewed the other day on a gorgeous, sunny summer day in Copenhagen.
    The black bike behind me is indeed mine, but clearly not my Dutch first lady.
    The white stuff in my hand is an ice cream. The black stuff under my nose is no longer. 🙂

    I’m afraid it’s all in Danish again, folks.

    19 JUL 2010: Article in Danish gossip mag, Familie Journal (Danish)

    Summer thoughts from a happy man.

    // Nicolai


    WT Photo Selection, part 2

    Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

    First of all: thanks for all comments and ideas regarding the photo selection I’m going through. It’s been a huge help and it’s helped me focus. Thank you.

    I’ve found out that I want two themes for the exhibition (thanks, Chris 🙂 )

    1) The Expedition
    2) Nature/Culture

    , where 1) is (surprise) thematically focused on the expedition side of WT, whereas 2) will be focused on the natural/cultural diversity of the World.

    The selection for the Expedition part is shown below (or view as a standard photo album here (30 photos)):

    The selection for the Nature/culture part is shown below (or view as a standard photo album here (33 photos)):

    My aim is to cut down each series to around 20 photos (i.e 40 in total) and it’ll be a huge help for me to hear, which photos you think would fit in with the exhibition, which photos could be skipped (like one of those sunset shots or one of the “curvy road” shots from China in the nature/culture series etc.)

    I hope to hear from you.



    WT Photo Selection

    Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

    Over the past 3 months I’ve been going through the photos I’ve taken since 2006. 63,000 is the number. Massive task.

    One reason for all this sorting is that I plan to do a photo exhibition (more on that later) with selected pictures from expedition.

    I’ve come down to an agreeable 35 pictures and naturally, lots of darlings have been killed along the way. My aim is to select some 12 to 15 pictures and this is where I need YOU. I need your comments, ideas or suggestions for other images that I might have forgotten.

    The criterias used have been loosely defined, but I have generally selected photos that:

    – Explain themselves
    – Tell a story
    – Are technically suitable for a large format (approx. 70×100 cm, maybe larger)
    – In different ways provide an insight into the world, or into the life on the expedition
    – Are relatively simple in its expression (minus the slaughter of the cow :-))

    The 35 photos can be seen HERE or below…

    And please, be honest with me, be brutal if that’s what it takes for me to kill more darlings.

    I appreciate any help. Thanks.




    3 Months After My Arrival In Copenhagen…

    Thursday, May 20th, 2010

    It’s been 3 months to the day since I arrived in my hometown Copenhagen after 1.413 days on the road. Physically, life minus bike is (obviously) a little more predictable, a little less nomadic, but it still inspires and challenges me (or was it the other way around?), in quite different ways than my life plus bike did…

    For the past months I’ve been going through most of my WT-related material (photos, audio recordings, videos – excluding my 15 diaries that I’m not ready for mentally just yet. Bear with me, this stuff is heavy :-)), sitting at the table in Copenhagen with my little 10″ notebook, selecting material that I might need/use for my WT-talk/lecture – the main reason for all of this – that I’ll start presenting shortly. TBA.

    I’ve received lots of emails lately asking me how life back home is, if life treats my fine, if I’m restless and hear the roads calling already, what I’ve learned about life looking back on the last 4 years travelling the world, if I’ve found myself a little missus (sic!), if I’m happy and all that.

    The short answer to most of these questions is that, yes, I’m very happy being back home in Denmark with my beloved ones (missus still to be found somewhere – can’t/won’t hurry that one). I don’t feel restless at all, partly ‘cos I think I got (more than) my slice of that terrific cake called adventure, partly ‘cos my new (which also happens to be my old) life in Copenhagen – and the prospect of giving all these presentations at schools, companies, clubs, libraries etc. – holds plenty of challenge and big-city adventure for me these days. Oh yes, it may all change some day, but until then I’m content and excited about the upcoming summer in Denmark, my first in 5 years.

    A longer, deeper answer would most likely suit the aforementioned Qs, but I haven’t really come to any big, final conclusions to most of them, not that I’ve really tried. Don’t really feel any need for that at the moment. When, one day, I sit down somewhere quiet to write my book, I’m sure the deeper answers will come to me, more naturally.

    For now, I try and focus on finding a suitable balance between the complex, exciting, opaque systems of modern big-city life and the simple, nomadic, in-control-with-my-6-bike-bags way of life on the road. The differences between these life styles are downright gigantic.

    Thanks for popping by.

    With love – as always,



    Pre-departure article in Danish magazine (Danish)

    Sunday, March 28th, 2010

    For dem, som ikke var med fra WT-starten, er her en lille artikel fra outdoor-magasinet Luksus, som blev bragt i bladet ugen før afgangen fra KBH, april 2006. Jeg husker tydeligt forventningens ufattelige spænding lige før kick-off – der var planlægnings- og pakkekaos i lejligheden pÃ¥ Nørrebro og en hektisk storm før de polske landevejes stilhed.

    At sidde her i København 4 Ã¥r og 62.000 km senere, med en tyk følelse af mission completed og sende mentale stikprøver tilbage pÃ¥ rejsen og bare mindes, er en fornem mÃ¥de at afslutte søndagen pÃ¥…

    MÃ¥ den kommende uge tage godt imod alt og alle.


    WT-Article In Canadian Newspaper (French)

    Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

    Simply click HERE TO READ THE ARTICLE in the Québécois newspaper, L’Exemplaire.

    It’s down at the bottom of the pdf-file that opens in a new window.

    Now there you go, Francophoiles…WT’s for everyone! 🙂


    Copenhagen Under My Feet…

    Monday, March 15th, 2010

    Many people around me have been asking me, naturally, how it is to be back in Denmark after 4 years on the road, if I’ve gotten used to being back, and whether it’s been an anti-climax getting back.

    In my mind there’s no single answer to these questions. There’s no simple way to put it. No simple way to describe the plethora of complex feeling and emotions that have been running thru me over the last 23 days since I arrived here in Copenhagen. No matter how I think about it, though, I can’t call it an anti-climax. How could I possibly do that? With most of my best friends around me, within easy reach (yes, we travel by bicycle in Copenhagen), with one of the greatest cities on Earth under my feet, and with endless opportunities to design my time/life here in Denmark.

    So What Have I Been Doing Lately?
    Days have generally been quite busy. All the doors that I left shut behind me in April 2006, have slowly been opened again, and I’ve officially become a Danish citizen again (with library card, health insurance card, fitness member card, mobile phone number, registered at the unemployment union – all very exciting stuff, you see).

    Visits at the unemployment benefit office (a few), visits at the gym (spin classes, pulling weights, looking at people looking in mirrors, jacuzzi-laxing) (a lot), social meetings, crazy late-night drinking bouts (debauchery style) with my mates, informal meetings with sponsors (# 1 and 3 on the list, fyi), different interviews with different kinds of media, hanging out with Pablo at “home” (cooking, laughing, movie-watching, chilling, blabla-ing), preparing a mayor WT-presentation/talk that I plan on giving around Denmark later this year (the “WT-book” will come, but will have to wait for now).

    Socially, my first 3 weeks in Copenhagen have been wonderfully rich and quite overwhelming. My loved ones are just as lovable as I remember them and as I hoped (read: knew) they’d be. And still there are many faces that I haven’t seen yet. It’s going to be a darn fine spring in CPH.

    A Nomadic Soul On A Mental Journey?
    All the inner excitement I’ve felt lately has made it rather hard for me to sort of slow down, to kick back, and just ponder on this new situation and all the what-nows. I do occasionally find the trap of getting caught in everyday life trivialities surprisingly near, it’s so easy to somehow mentally “forget” all the beauties (never mind the snowy months of winter cycling up thru Western Europe!) of the last 4 years’ experiences, and I’ve promised myself to never ever get lured by that trap (unless I want to).

    My nomadic heart and soul has been greatly fuelled on the road, and hopefully it will find some juice in my current challenge, the transition back to life a little more stationary, from being a travelling nomad in the physical sphere, to being a travelling nomad in the mental (spiritual?) sphere.

    The Moral Support
    Over the last month I’ve received hundreds of emails, with congratulatory and very positive notes and thoughts. My guestbook is also the glad recipient of comments, ideas etc. I sincerely thank you all for the support. As stated before, I quite literally couldn’t have done this without your never-failing, moral support. Thanks, guys and girls.

    What About The Future of the WT-site?
    People have been lamenting (I do feel with both of you) that they won’t be able to get their daily WT/travel fix now that the journey is over. But cry not, ye’ all. Though the physical journey is over, my never-ending hunger for sensory flow and journeys into the unknown won’t stop just because my bike’s in the shed.

    This, my home-coming is just the beginning of another journey, even if this new journey might take on a much more mental quality. I hope you’ll come along this journey too. I will keep you updated about my mental and – less interesting – physical whereabouts. Check back on WT (and Facebook, if you’re playing that game) any time soon.


    WT-article in National Paper (Danish)

    Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

    Sorry, guys and gals. This, again, is only in Danish. The photo is global. I’m fine. 🙂

    It was a funny feeling sitting in my local library here in Copenhagen a few hours ago, reading a rather big article about myself in the Danish paper, Kristeligt Dagblad. Sort of stalking myself.

    03 MAR 2010: Article in Kristeligt Dagblad (national Danish paper)



    Photo Album From Holland

    Friday, February 26th, 2010

    Check out the latest visuals from The Netherlands, a.k.a. Holland…

    1A. Standard, Holland.
    1B. Slideshow, Holland.


    WT-Interview In Danish Paper

    Thursday, February 25th, 2010

    Except for a few visuals from the expedition, this might not have your greatest interest (it’s all in Danish/gibberish)…

    21 FEB 2010: Article in Fyens Stiftstidende (part 1, Danish)
    21 FEB 2010: Article in Fyens Stiftstidende (part 2, Danish)
    21 FEB 2010: Article in Fyens Stiftstidende (part 3, Danish)
    21 FEB 2010: Article in Fyens Stiftstidende (part 4, Danish)

    There’s more media-related WT-stuff HERE!

    Interview with Danish newspaper, Fyens Stiftstidende.


    Photo Album From Belgium

    Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

    You know how it works, right?

    1A. Standard


    1B. Slideshow



    WT on National Danish Radio (Danish interview)

    Monday, February 22nd, 2010

    (Danish version only)

    Jeg blev i weekenden inviteret til at komme ind i studiet i DR-byen til et interview pÃ¥ Go’ Morgen P3, landets mest populære morgenradioprogram med mere end 700.000 lyttere (sagde jeg gisp!?).

    Jeg mÃ¥tte op ukristeligt tidligt (skal vænne mig til denne vækkeurs-tilværelse) for at kunne være i studiet før kl. 7 og var i æteren fra kl. 07.18 – 07.23 i morges.

    Du kan høre hele interviewet på linket herunder:

    Interview med Nicolai Bangsgaard pÃ¥ Go’ Morgen P3

    SÃ¥dan sÃ¥ det hele ud…

    Radio interview on national Danish radio (Go Morgen P3), 22FEB2010.

    Interviewet kan som de meste andet medie-relaterede WT-stof også findes på Media-linket på forsiden.

    (Alle rettigheder forbeholdt DR)


    The Final Log

    Saturday, February 20th, 2010

    This is it. The final log update is here. I’ll miss see it growing and growing.


    The WT Hall of Fame

    Friday, February 19th, 2010

    In the unlikely case you’d happen to be interested, the infamous WT Hall of Fame has just been updated.

    We’re having a Midnight Madness Everything MUST Go Freak Show, Zülle (my alter ego) and I – don’t hold yourself back. I don’t. How could i possibly, with only 30 km to go in the WT era?

    Nicolai (from Roskilde)


    Newsletter From Middelfart, Denmark (UK)

    Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

    (UK version only)

    As expected, the last few hundred meters to my parents house in Middelfart – the house where I grew up – were emotionally very heavy pedalling. Massive waves of emotions, of relief, of utter joy & happiness, of longing, of being back, of accomplishment had been rushing through me over the last few days, and now – after more than 1.400 days on the road nonstop – I was finally back home with my loved ones.

    Seeing them all standing in the driveway, waiting for me, with Danish paper flags all over, was without a doubt one of the strongest moments in my life, and the tears automatically started flowing, freestyle. I don’t really remember the last meters towards the open arms of my mum, my dad, and my sister, but the hugs were the best and deepest the world has ever seen. So unreal. So good. (See photos from my arrival here)

    After 5 days with my parents in Middelfart, I’m getting ready (practically rather than mentally) for the very final leg of the WT-expedition which will bring me back to Copenhagen, where it all started 4 years ago.

    I’ll be leaving tomorrow (Thursday) and will arrive on Saturday 20FEB2010, 12.00 PM/noon, at the RÃ¥dhuspladsen (Town Hall Square) in central Copenhagen (see my planned route into Copenhagen here).

    Undoubtedly, this, too, will be a very special moment for me. The official end of my dream, my reality over the last 1.414 days. If you happen to be in the ‘hood, come and share the moment with me. I’d be happy to see you there (tears allowing)…


    Photo Album From France

    Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

    No, it’s not quite over yet.

    I’ve just made a visual presentation of my time in France, that turned out to be much colder, much longer than expected. I also made much more great friends all over France. C’est la vie.

    1a. Photo Album From France (86 photos)

    1b. Slideshow From France

    You can also see the WT Gallery on Flickr.

    Nicolai (Middelfart, Denmark)

    What Else Could Be New?

    WT Route Map 2006-2010

    The Homecoming – Article in Danish paper…

    …and as always:

    WT Hall of Fame

    **** 1.410 days, 62.008 km, 53 countries, 6 continents ****


    Planned Arrival in Copenhagen 20FEB2010 (DK)

    Monday, February 15th, 2010

    (Danish Only)

    Så kan jeg snart ikke trække den længere. Den fysiske del af WT-ekspeditionen nærmer sig for alvor sin afslutning (jeg forventer den åndelige del vil fortsætte), og den vil jeg gerne dele med dig.

    På lørdag den 20. februar 2010 kl. 12.00 vil jeg trille ind på Rådhuspladsen i København (se ruten her), hvilket officielt betyder afslutningen på det, som har været min drøm, min virkelighed, mit ét og alt (og Danmarkshistoriens længste cykelrejse) gennem de sidste 1.410 dage.

    Jeg håber du har mulighed for at være der til at dele dette store øjeblik med mig.

    Hvad der herefter skal ske (med mig, med cyklen, med fremtiden, med boligen, med kærligheden, med livet, med drømmene…blandt andet), er én stor Ã¥ben dør. Og det er vist bedst sÃ¥dan lige nu.

    Tak for opbakningen og opmuntringen gennem de sidste 4 år.

    Kærligst – og pÃ¥ forhÃ¥bentligt gensyn,


    Rute til RÃ¥dhuspladsen, Kbh.

    62.000 km
    1.410 dage
    53 lande
    6 kontinenter


    Article: The Homecoming (Danish text)

    Sunday, February 14th, 2010

    From the Danish newspaper Fyens Stiftstidende, Saturday 13FEB2010

    Fyens Stiftstidende 13FEB2010...

    (All rights reserved: Fyens Stiftstidende)


    WT On Danish Radio (10FEB2010)

    Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

    Yesterday, as I crossed the German/Danish border, I was met by the Danish media. The first link is an audio file from the border crossing (yes, huge moment for me). It’s all in Danish.

    10FEB2010: DR Syd. Arrival Denmark (in Danish)

    The second link is a radio interview I just did a few hours ago, with Danish Radio Syd (Danish too)…

    10FEB2010: DR Syd. Radio Interview

    All rights reserved. DR (Danmarks Radio)

    More news later about my arrival in Denmark. Stay tuned.

    Nicolai (Sønderborg, Denmark)


    WT on National TV (DR, 09FEB2010)

    Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

    Yesterday, my arrival in Denmark, after 1.402 days, 61.850 km through 53 countries on 6 continents hit the news…Have a look via the link below (but don’t blink, you might miss it!)

    09FEB2010: DR Update (National Danish TV)

    All rights reserved. DR (Danmarks Radio)



    Denmark Calling (tomorrow)!

    Monday, February 8th, 2010

    Over the last 1.402 days I’ve cycled 62.000 km on an uninterrupted solo ride around the world – the longest in Danish history, by the way.

    Since the departure from Denmark April 10, 2006 I’ve cycled through 53 countries on 6 continents and now, 4 years later, it’s almost over.

    Tomorrow, Tuesday February 08, 2010 I’ll thus cross the Danish/German border at noon, 12.00PM at the Niehuus/Padborg crossing (see this link for more info).

    Officially, the WT Expedition will finish at the Raadhuspladsen (Town Hall Square) in Copenhagen (more info to come on www.worldtravellers.dk).

    If you feel like sharing that (personally) epic moment with me, well, see you tomorrow at the border at 12.00PM/noon then.

    Nicolai (in Flensburg, Germany. 5 km to go…)

    PS. Yes, I do drink hot coffee…


    WT Route Map 2006-2010

    Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

    The following link shows a screen shot of the route I’ve cycled since I left Denmark on April 10, 2006.

    6 continents, 52 countries, 1.400 days, and 61.500 km later I’m in Holland, only 500 km from home.

    Click here for the WT Route Map 2006-2010

    Nicolai (Enschede, Netherlands)


    Newsletter #18 From Givet, France…(UK)

    Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

    Just a hasty update from Givet, northern France where I’ve been staying for two weeks now due to a knee injury.

    To the late-comers: I Bourges, France – beginning of January – I got some new and heavy winterboots ‘cos I couldn’t keep my feet warm on the bike. The boots have a thick 3-4 cm sole which, naturally, affects the distance from my crotch to the pedals. I was aware of this, but couldn’t be bothered doing anything about it (e.g. adjusting the saddle height accordingly). My bad.

    After a few days of cycling in hilly and cold central France my knee started feeling sore. I had the accomodation situation planned well ahead, and thus didn’t really “have time” for listening to this sudden knee soreness nor to stop and rest/find out what was wrong all of a sudden, after more than 60.000 km on the bike.

    The pain was pretty bad when I arrived here in Givet 14 days ago, knee swollen and the stairs caused me a lot of trouble etc, and further pedalling didn’t really seem like an option. Luckily, I was invited by Elodie to stay in her apartment for as long as I wanted. As I said, French hospitality never failed on me.

    It’s been a great rest here. New friends, WT-projects done, lots of Australian Open tennis from Melbourne, eating well, drinking ditto, resting, thinking…Looking back, I can’t really believe that I’ve been here for so long – actually the longest break where I’ve stayed in one single place since Sydney in March 2008.

    The pain in my knee didn’t really get any better within the first few days, so after a long research on the internet I realized that patellar tendinitis was the name of the game. Off the the pharmacy I went, and over the next 9 days I swallowed more pills than ever before (50!). The swell is gone, I’ve been doing basic exercises for my knee everyday, I’ve been on gentle rides (5 and 20 km) to check the knee, and everything seems (knock-on-wood) to be fairly all right.

    So I’ll be off very shortly. My bike’s been crying loudly lately (from the laundry room next door) for me to come back and caress it/her. Belgium is just a few kilometers down (north) the Meuse River, and it will be my country #50 in WT-time. Namur, then Zonhoven is the first stops in Belgium – the remaining route through the Netherlands and Germany hasn’t been planned yet.

    Thanks for the perpetual support, guys and girls. It (still) means everything to me.

    Thus perceived – and with love,



    African Odyssey – a new WT-documentary out now!

    Thursday, January 21st, 2010

    I’ve spent most of the last two days editing this new documentary from Ghana, Burkina Faso, and Mali, West Africa.

    It’s an interesting and laborious process making these mini-movies – even though the process of cutting down hours of footage to the final product, a mere 8 minutes, involves a lot of “kill your darlings”.

    I’m quite pleased with this movie. After all, there’s nothing like being the star of your own movie, right…

    Full-screen, HQ mode recommended. Comments welcome.

    Sit back. Enjoy a slice of West Africa.

    Nicolai (Givet, France)


    New movie from Africa out now!

    Monday, January 18th, 2010

    Here you go!


    New Photo Album From The USA Out Now!

    Thursday, January 14th, 2010

    Hugely delayed, here is my selected photos from my 3 months in the USA, from 07MAY09 – 01AUG09 (incl. 3 weeks in Canada).

    US Route:

    I pedaled a total of 5.071 km in the USA and went through 16 states (plus Wash., D.C), from the US/Mexican border town Brownsville, Texas through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Washington, D.C, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York State, (Quebec, Canada), Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts (then plane from Boston to Accra, Ghana, West Africa).

    The USA soon turned out to be one of my absolute favorite WT-countries…I think the following photos would give you an idea why…

    See the album (270 photos, standard view) here


    Sparkling New WT-Video From Spain/France out!

    Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

    (English only)

    Edited in Givet, northern France (14JAN2010) – while resting my sore knee for a little while – here is the latest WT mini-docu European Transitions, recorded in Spain and France over the last two months.

    I hope you enjoy watching it. I didn’t particularly enjoy doing it. You’ll see why…

    Comments welcome!


    WT Photos From Tibet 2006

    Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

    In Tibet (November 2006) I cycled with Rich for 5 days from Saga, Tibet to the Nepalese border. It was rough and unforgettable.

    Rich took all of these great photos that all bring back memories from the hardships of crossing the Tibetan Plateau…

    Most of these photos have never been published on WT.

    Photo Gallery From Tibet 2006…

    Thanks, Rich!


    Photo Album From Spain, December 2009.

    Sunday, January 10th, 2010

    (UK only)

    So, the visual goody bag #47 from Spain is here!

    The album contains 100 photos from my time in Spain.

    I entered Algeciras in the far south (26NOV2009) on the ferry from Morocco across the Strait of Gibraltar, and then mainly followed the Mediterranean coast (via Málaga, Alicante, Valéncia, Barcelona) up to the French border (12DEC2009) and the eastern Pyrenées.

    1. Watch the album (standard view) here

    2. Watch the album as a slideshow here

    Comments, questions etc welcome!

    Nicolai (Rheims, northern France)


    New Year Visuals From Wonderful Morocco!

    Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

    (UK only)

    No frills. Just photos (and text) from fantastic Morocco.

    1.400 km.
    170 visuals.
    23 days.
    2 cameras.
    1 Nicolai.
    0 flat tyres.

    View photos as a standard album here

    View photos as a slideshow (recommended) here

    View all WT albums here


    New Photo Album From Western Sahara…

    Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

    View photo album as a…

    a) Slideshow


    b) Normal album


    Newsletter from Paris

    Saturday, December 26th, 2009

    The landscape outside the window of my Paris-bound TGV train is still covered in the darkness of early morning while Central France invisibly whizzes past. Sitting in this much-faster-than-my-Koga train on Boxing Day 2009 gives me a moment to reflect on the fact that the WT-end is drawing near, that I’m very close to the end of the tunnel of my dream. That the idea-turned-reality project that has been my rhyme and reason, my raison d’être for the last 4 years, and that has totally encapsulated me – flesh and blood – in every move or thought I made, will all too soon be over.

    I begin to realize how much it’s meant (and still mean) to me to be able to share experiences, good and bad times, to unload all sorts of trivialities that would’ve otherwise clogged my mind. Having thousands of people from around the world standing on my mental sideline of the WT pitch – cheering faithfully when I needed it most – has made this journey so much more endurable, engaging, and yes, even fun. It’s helped me realize the proportions of the expedition, helped me realize how endlessly fortunate I’ve been (still am) being able to live my dream for so long.

    Though I know that at the end of the day the WT Juggernaut would’ve been without a driver without me, that I’m the one I need to thank, I really can’t imagine what WT would’ve been like without you, my dearest reader, for you’ve supplied me with a psychological safety net that prevented me to go mad when I was surrounded by nothing but asphalt and loneliness, that caught me when the valves of joy and happiness were pumping and life felt too good, that received all my gibberish unconditionally when I was lost in a muse and didn’t have anyone around to be a burden on.

    Cold lunch stop in Souillac, France.

    The roads that lead you, my unsung heroes, to WT might be as diverse as the ones I’ve been riding around the world for more than 60.000 km now, and you probably have no connection to other readers, but to me you are all part of the social fabric that’s kept me warm on what would’ve otherwise been an extremely long – and, at times, cold, I guess – solo ride. The scope of my gratitude for your moral, psychological, financial and otherwise support knows neither limits nor articulateness. Thanks for being with me all the way…

    Being this close to Denmark, I can now start visualizing what it’ll (maybe) be like getting back home after some 1.400 days on the road non-stop, without my friends and family around – something I didn’t dare until now afraid of getting homesick, afraid of losing momentum & wanderlust, afraid of losing touch with my dream, afraid of missing too much.

    What I do visualize is something far more colorful and exciting than the days of gray and cold that undoubtedly (and statistically) await me in Denmark; namely being back together with my mum, my dad, my sister, my friends – the people I love more than anything and who ultimately is the reason for my return.

    The thought of being back in tiny Denmark, among the precious few on this planet with whom I have a common tongue, a shared culture and history, is both exceedingly exciting and disturbingly frightening. Will I be the fish in the water, or the bull in a china shop? Only time will tell, and please wish me good luck, all right?

    No matter how it all goes, it’s a reassuring thought that thanks to all the beautiful people I’ve met over the last years, I feel quite at home anywhere in the world. I’ve traveled among Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Atheist people, through some of the poorest and wealthiest countries on Earth, I’ve stayed with boys/girls, men/women, young/old, small/tall, white/black/brown/yellow people from all walks of life, and though, naturally, all these encounters and experiences have been (blissfully) diverse and different, to me they’re all collectively connected by the main thread called humanity.

    Thanks to that humanity I feel more connected to the world and its people than ever, it makes the world feel like my playground, and it’s an invaluable feeling that makes me feel rich and alive. Humanity is everywhere. It’s the glue that keeps the social machinery called mankind together. Take it from me, and don’t let anyone or anything convince you
    otherwise. I consider it a promise.

    Outside the daylight is starting to get a grip, and soon it’s Paris Montparnasse, where I’ll jump on a bus headed for Brussels where I’m going to meet up with lovely Belgian friends. Also arriving in Brussels today is Pablo who’s coming to spend New Year’s Eve with me. I’m absolutely stoked about this, and I’m very fond of the idea that the circle, that was sadly broken with Pablo’s WT exit back in July 2006, will (kind of) be complete again even though there won’t be any cycling this time around. Rumor has it that the reunited duo is going to shake the foundations of the Belgian capital on NYE.

    Beginning of January it’s back to Limoges, France where I’ve left my bike and gear, and then ride the final stint north through Belgium, Holland, and Germany. Tentatively, I expect to cross the Danish border around end of January 2010. So unreal.

    Thus perceived and with love,




    Milestones Updated

    Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

    Milestones 53.000 km through 60.000 km is now updated here – the latter being the last “big” birthday in WT history.

    Nicolai (Limoges, France)


    WT Top 41 Longest Cycling Days

    Sunday, November 29th, 2009

    Numerically ordered, longest day first. Only cycling days from 150 km and above on the list.

    1. 300 km. Day 964 – 28NOV2008 Chancay -> Casma (trucksurf), Peru

    2. 226 km. Day 588 – 17NOV2007 Glendambo -> Bush camp, Australia

    3. 217 km. Day 977 – 11DEC2008 Chiclayo -> Piura, Peru

    4. 200 km. Day 570 – 30OCT2007 Ti-Tree -> Alice Springs, Australia

    5. 196 km. Day 564 – 24OCT2007 Dunmarra -> Renner Springs, Australia

    6. 193 km. Day 919 – 14OCT2008 Cochabamba -> Caracollo, Bolivia

    7. 183 km. Day 980 – 14DEC2008 Piura -> Máncora, Peru

    8. 184 km. Day 1150 – 02JUN2009 Hampton Springs -> Macclenny, USA

    9. 177 km. Day 1152 – 04JUN2009 Kingsland -> Savannah, USA

    10. 176 km. Day 1322 – 21NOV2009 Oualidia -> Casablanca, Morocco

    11. 175 km. Day 178 – 04OCT2006 Kashgar -> Charak, China

    12. 174 km. Day 146 – 02SEP2006 W of Gulistan -> Tashkent, Uzbekistan

    13. 174 km. Day 1027 – 30JAN2009 Don Matías -> Tarazá, Mexico

    14. 173 km. Day 145 – 01SEP2006 Samarkand -> Gulistan, Uzbekistan

    15. 170 km. Day 1124 – 07MAY2009 Matamoros, Mexico -> Riviera, USA

    16. 168 km. Day 47 – 26MAY2006 Brasov -> Snagov, Romania

    17. 165 km. Day 142 – 29AUG2006 Navoiy -> Samarkand, Uzbekistan

    18. 165 km. Day 1018 – 21JAN2009 Cali -> Zarzal, Colombia

    19. 164 km. Day 128 – 15AUG2006 Ganca -> Kurdamir, Turkey

    20. 163 km. Day 1143 – 26MAY2009 New Orleans -> Ocean Springs, USA

    21. 161 km. Day 947 – 11NOV2008 Puquio -> Nazca, Peru

    22. 158 km. Day 1231 – 22AUG2009 N of Eustis -> S of Auburn, USA

    23. 157 km. Day 906 – 01OCT2008 Potosí -> Sucre, Bolivia

    24. 157 km. Day 1326 – 25NOV2009 Souk-du-Rharb -> Tangier, Morocco

    25. 156 km. Day 87 – 05JUL2006 Ankara -> Sereflikochisar, Turkey

    26. 156 km. Day 1053 Р25FEB2009 Aguadulce -> 6 km W of Tol̩, Panama

    27. 156 km. Day 1089 – 02APR2009 Acajutla, El Salv. -> Escuintla, Guate

    28. 156 km. Day 1222 – 13AUG2009 Trois-Riviere -> Quebec City, Canada

    29. 156 km. Day 1295 – 25OCT2009 Nouakchott -> PK320, Mauretania

    30. 155 km. Day 722 – 31MAR2008 Twizel -> Oamaru, New Zealand

    31. 154 km. Day 127 – 14AUG2006 Krasny Most, Georgia -> Ganca, Azerb.

    32. 154 km. Day 1206 – 28JUL2009 Croton-on-Hudson -> Hudson, USA

    33. 153 km. Day 152 – 08SEP2006 N of Kokand -> Fergana, Uzbekistan

    34. 153 km. Day 1251 – 11SEP2009 Techiman -> Buipe, Ghana

    35. 152 km. Day 151 – 07SEP2006 Yangi Tonqin -> Kokand, Uzbekistan

    36. 151 km. Day 1005 – 08JAN2008 Otavalo -> Tulcán, Ecuador

    37. 150 km. Day 173 – 29SEP2006 East of Karabel Pass -> Kashgar, China

    38. 150 km. Day 878 Р03SEP2008 Pituil -> Bel̩n, Argentina

    39. 150 km. Day 949 – 13NOV2008 Nazca -> Ica, Peru

    40. 150 km. Day 1127 – 10MAY2009 Point Comfort -> Surfside Bch, USA

    41. 150 km. Day 1146 – 29MAY2009 Fort Walton Bch -> Mexico Bch, USA

    If you want to support the WT Expedition by buying one of these legendary days (in my book, anyhow), you can do so here, on the WT Hall of Fame


    Newsletter from Tangier, Morocco (UK)

    Thursday, November 26th, 2009

    Sitting in my hotel room in Tangier at the northern tip of Morocco, just a few hours before I’ll catch a ferry across the Strait of Gibraltar to Algeciras, Spain, I feel extremely excited that I’m going back to mainland Europe, 3 years and 5 months (or some 52.000 km) since I left it in Istanbul during the World Cup Soccer in June 2006.

    It’s impossible for me not to get emotional about the whole thing, about the fact that I’m going to pull this mad round-the-world-by-bicycle expedition off, that I’m going to finish it, finish what has been my dream and my life for the last 1.327 days. Every piece of DNA in my body knows that this is the very end of what at first (and at several times after, believe me!) seemed like an almost impossible dream of infinite asphalt, when Martin and I took off in Copenhagen, April 2006.

    Thinking about this on my way to Tangier yesterday I had a strong, emotional wave rushing through me, a wave that’s been building up inside of me possibly since I left my country, my family, my friends, and everything else. Tears (and I don’t expect them to be the last of its kind) fell on the asphalt, on the bike, my trusty, sole companion. It feels so heavy, this situation, and yet I feel immensely elevated, proud, and delighted about it all.

    A mere 11 weeks and 5.600 km after I left the Ghanaian capital Accra on the Bay of Guinea, 6 degrees north of the Equator, I’m leaving Africa, my last continent, altogether. Knowing that the next few months up through Western Europe will be the last in WT history intensifies the moment, makes me want to relish every stroke of the pedals (no matter how cold those European winter nights will be lying in my tent), and makes it all too clear to me that never again will I be as free, unconcerned, and egoistically uncommitted – or as lonely and distant (psychologically more than physically) from my beloved ones.

    I’m ready to go home. I’m ready to be home. What it will be like in Denmark after nearly 4 years on the go, what I’ll do, I’ve got not idea (well, a few maybe). That’s another challenge for another time. But I do know that I miss my family and my friends more than anything I’ve ever missed, and that’s all the reason I need to be going home (plus, yes, I’m running out of continents too!).

    Much as I’ve enjoyed this huge challenge – and I feel incredible grateful for all the moments (of joy, of challenge, of excitement, of beauty), for the places, the faces, for the perceptible and the more subtle ways that this expedition (and my contact with all facets of this wonderful world) has forever changed me (or not) – that is the WT, a seven-nation army couldn’t stop me now (maybe a freak encounter with an extraordinarily fine Andalusian beauty could make me consider pulling the breaks, thogh). I’m going home.

    Even my bike has been eager to get back to Europe lately. Yesterday, e.g. saw us flying north along the Atlantic coast with an average of 24 km/h over 157 km, and my bike’s behaving like a mule that rapidly and semi-automatically is headed for the barn after a long days’ work in the fields. Don’t blame the bike: No matter how you look at it, 58.389 km is a long day’s work.

    Now if you’d excuse me for a second. I’ve got a ferry to catch and a (last) bit of cycling to do. I will get back to you at some point, but do expect long delays and silences.

    Thanks for the attention, thanks for letting me have someone to share this adventure with, thanks for your perpetual support and encouragement.



    New Photo Albums From Burkina Faso & Mali

    Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

    Besides wonderful Moroccan food, the odd cold beer, 0 km cycling days, cruising around the walled medina, thinking about plans for the European (and last) leg of the WT-Expedition, I’m enjoying superfast internet here in Essaouira on central Morrocco’s Atlantic coast, and thus, I’ve made some new photo albums for you (and me too).

    As always, I recommend you click the 4-arrow icon in the lower right hand corner of the album itself, to view the photos full-screen, with the text box activated. Choice is yours.

    1. Slideshow from Burkina Faso (95 photos)

    2. Slideshow from Mali (100 photos)

    You can also see the photos on Flickr (Burkina Faso pix here, Mali pix here), the usual way.

    Also, the WT-diary is fully updated too (as of Day 1.317).

    English version (with a few DK only entries) here.

    Danish version (with a few UK only entries) here.

    Nicolai (Essaouira, Atlantic Morocco)

    What Else Could Be New?

    What’s In My Bags?

    Profile update (in Danish here)

    WT Top 16 Value-For-Money Countries


    WT Top 16 Value-For-Money Countries (UK)

    Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

    – This list is primarily based on a quality/price ratio (prices for food, accommodation, and over-all daily needs), but more delicate factors such as infrastructure, general standard of living, standard of restaurants/food stalls, hygiejne, availability of food and drinking water etc. are also included in the final – and, do keep in mind, thoroughly personal – verdict.

    – Vietnam and Indonesia might strictly speaking be the cheapest countries I’ve been to, but in this context they are overtaken by other countries (e.g Thailand) on the equally important quality-parameter.

    – Bolivia is generally cheaper than neighboring Peru, but Peru generally sports a higher standard of living, better infrastructure, higher standard of accommodation, wider range of goods, which explains its ranking above Bolivia.

    – A note on the USA; I haven’t considered the accommodation price parameter since I very rarely (twice!) paid for my accommodation during my 3-month stay (thanks to all lawns and hosts involved). If I were to include this in the assessment, it would have knocked out the US of this list. But as in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand (who didn’t make the list) you do get a lot of freebies (e.g beautiful libraries with books, magazines, wifi, clean toilets) that you’d have to pay for in other countries, and I found the ubiquitous and extremely well-stocked supermarkets very good value and of a high standard.

    WT Top 16 Value-For-Money Countries

    1. Thailand
    2. Nepal
    3. Peru
    4. Vietnam
    5. Indonesia
    6. Bolivia
    7. Morocco
    8. Colombia
    9. Ecuador
    10. Mexico
    11. Nicaragua
    12. Guatemala
    13. Malaysia
    14. Argentina
    15. USA
    16. Ghana