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    The Proudest Monkey

    Thursday, December 5th, 2013

    I believe I’ve already used all of this years’ self-promoting silver coins (here and on Facebook ) – but bear with me, this one is different.

    Since I got back from my RTW bike ride I’ve been a member of De Berejstes Klub (DBK), a Danish club (founded 1996) that aims at spreading the desire to travel and spread information about travel, foreign countries and cultures (home page and wiki). In other words, it’s a great club where travel-crazy people can meet other travel-crazy people, share ideas and thoughts and perspectives.

    Every year the DBK honor one of its members with the “Folkersen-prisen” – a travel award that is given to a member of the club who:

    …over the years has traveled in the spirit of Poul Folkersen (one of the founders of the club), a person who has ventured far away from the usual tourist spots through a particularly energetic and boundary-pushing traveling life, a person who has thus gained a thorough understanding of local life and culture. Furthermore, it is emphasized that the member’s travel experiences have been appropriately passed on (through the written word) to both the club and the rest of society [My translation from DKB’s website).

    Needless to say, I was really surprised and super proud when my name came up last Saturday at the DBK annual general meeting. At the meeting the president of the club, Søren Fodgaard, explained and justified this year’s decision. To me it was all beautiful, memorable words that turned my whole body into goosebumps. Standing there in front of some 70 members of the club, I was trying not to look too fazed by it all, but it was a special and intense moment.



    Along with the great honor and a prize money came this fine heavy-duty trophy, appropriately shaped like a Globe.

    With much appreciation and proudness: thanks to De Berejstes Klub, for the Folkersen-prisen and for the best travel club in the country.

    / Nicolai (DBK-member #588)


    The Talk Plan Updated (Danish)

    Sunday, March 6th, 2011

    Just go HERE!


    Help: Name For My Publishing Company?

    Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

    I’ve decided to publish my first book (about my RTW journey, naturally) myself. It’s nearly there now and I’m really excited about it all. I need to find a name for “my own” publishing company (sounds fancier than it is. Basically it’s just a formality publishing your own books in your “own” publishing company name. Just need to find somewhere to print the book, to cut it short).

    At some point, I might want to publish other books that aren’t necessarily bike related (photo books, e.g), which is why I’m looking for a kind of generic name, less specific and bike-focused than, say, “Bike Adventures Press”…

    Can you help me come up with a cool/great/right name?

    I’ve been thinking about these names and would love your comments/feedback:

    1. Roaming Mind Press
    2. Roaming Gypsy Press
    3. Roaming Pilgrim Press
    4. Roaming Jailbird Press
    5. Blind Gypsy Press
    6. Ecstatic Thief Press
    7. Global Gypsy Press
    8. Global Mind Books
    9. Global Eyes Press
    10. Global Nomad Books/Press
    11. Global Thief Press
    12. Global Avenue Press
    13. Exposed Nomad Press
    14. Exposed Gypsy Press
    15. OpenEyes Press
    16. VacantVillain Press
    17. Twisted Gypsy Press
    18. Twisted Avenues Press
    19. Twisted Nomad Press
    20. Twisted Vision Press
    21. Global Loop Press
    22. Twisted Turnpike Press
    23. Themes From Turnpike Press
    24. AnthroEyesPress
    25. Culture Vulture Press
    26. Global Village Press
    27. Terra Maravilhosa Press
    28. Global Voyage Press
    29. Broken Boulevard Books
    30. Homebound Escapist Press
    31. Returning Escapist Press

    Thanks in advance for your 2P. Put it below or drop me a PM at nb@worldtravellers.dk.



    WT in Czech Bike Magazine – November 2010

    Saturday, November 20th, 2010

    Bummer part is, it’s all in Czech. Good part is, photos are universally understood:

    01 NOV 2010: WT in Cyklo Turistika


    Talk page updated!

    Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

    Check it out here!


    WT Talk Tourplan (updated).

    Monday, September 20th, 2010

    The link below shows a map of the talks I’m going to give around Denmark over the next months. It’s going to be a busy Fall…




    Article in paper Politiken (from 2009, in Danish)

    Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

    Last year while on the road, I had a little talk with a journalist from the Danish paper Politiken. The article – until now unpublished in Camp WT – was published in October 2009.



    WT-lecture in Copenhagen 05AUG2010

    Monday, August 9th, 2010

    I had the privilege to give a 3-hour lecture/talk about the expedition for friends and acquaintances a few days ago, on a rocking boat in central Copenhagen…

    Giving a WT-talk at the Kajak Café in central Copenhagen, 05AUG2010.

    All-up it was a great experience – and just my third presentation – but boy, it drains all my juices to be the center of attention this way…

    Hope all’s great your end too…

    // Nicolai


    On National TV

    Sunday, August 8th, 2010

    In (the very likely) case you missed the interview I did last week on live national TV (in my native tongue), here goes: (at 9’00” in the clip)

    Nicolai on the “Good Evening Denmark” talkshow, 03AUG2010.

    On that same day, there was an article (in Danish too) in the national paper, Berlingske Tidende.

    Cheers, Nicolai


    WT Photo Selection, part 2

    Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

    First of all: thanks for all comments and ideas regarding the photo selection I’m going through. It’s been a huge help and it’s helped me focus. Thank you.

    I’ve found out that I want two themes for the exhibition (thanks, Chris 🙂 )

    1) The Expedition
    2) Nature/Culture

    , where 1) is (surprise) thematically focused on the expedition side of WT, whereas 2) will be focused on the natural/cultural diversity of the World.

    The selection for the Expedition part is shown below (or view as a standard photo album here (30 photos)):

    The selection for the Nature/culture part is shown below (or view as a standard photo album here (33 photos)):

    My aim is to cut down each series to around 20 photos (i.e 40 in total) and it’ll be a huge help for me to hear, which photos you think would fit in with the exhibition, which photos could be skipped (like one of those sunset shots or one of the “curvy road” shots from China in the nature/culture series etc.)

    I hope to hear from you.



    WT Photo Selection

    Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

    Over the past 3 months I’ve been going through the photos I’ve taken since 2006. 63,000 is the number. Massive task.

    One reason for all this sorting is that I plan to do a photo exhibition (more on that later) with selected pictures from expedition.

    I’ve come down to an agreeable 35 pictures and naturally, lots of darlings have been killed along the way. My aim is to select some 12 to 15 pictures and this is where I need YOU. I need your comments, ideas or suggestions for other images that I might have forgotten.

    The criterias used have been loosely defined, but I have generally selected photos that:

    – Explain themselves
    – Tell a story
    – Are technically suitable for a large format (approx. 70×100 cm, maybe larger)
    – In different ways provide an insight into the world, or into the life on the expedition
    – Are relatively simple in its expression (minus the slaughter of the cow :-))

    The 35 photos can be seen HERE or below…

    And please, be honest with me, be brutal if that’s what it takes for me to kill more darlings.

    I appreciate any help. Thanks.




    3 Months After My Arrival In Copenhagen…

    Thursday, May 20th, 2010

    It’s been 3 months to the day since I arrived in my hometown Copenhagen after 1.413 days on the road. Physically, life minus bike is (obviously) a little more predictable, a little less nomadic, but it still inspires and challenges me (or was it the other way around?), in quite different ways than my life plus bike did…

    For the past months I’ve been going through most of my WT-related material (photos, audio recordings, videos – excluding my 15 diaries that I’m not ready for mentally just yet. Bear with me, this stuff is heavy :-)), sitting at the table in Copenhagen with my little 10″ notebook, selecting material that I might need/use for my WT-talk/lecture – the main reason for all of this – that I’ll start presenting shortly. TBA.

    I’ve received lots of emails lately asking me how life back home is, if life treats my fine, if I’m restless and hear the roads calling already, what I’ve learned about life looking back on the last 4 years travelling the world, if I’ve found myself a little missus (sic!), if I’m happy and all that.

    The short answer to most of these questions is that, yes, I’m very happy being back home in Denmark with my beloved ones (missus still to be found somewhere – can’t/won’t hurry that one). I don’t feel restless at all, partly ‘cos I think I got (more than) my slice of that terrific cake called adventure, partly ‘cos my new (which also happens to be my old) life in Copenhagen – and the prospect of giving all these presentations at schools, companies, clubs, libraries etc. – holds plenty of challenge and big-city adventure for me these days. Oh yes, it may all change some day, but until then I’m content and excited about the upcoming summer in Denmark, my first in 5 years.

    A longer, deeper answer would most likely suit the aforementioned Qs, but I haven’t really come to any big, final conclusions to most of them, not that I’ve really tried. Don’t really feel any need for that at the moment. When, one day, I sit down somewhere quiet to write my book, I’m sure the deeper answers will come to me, more naturally.

    For now, I try and focus on finding a suitable balance between the complex, exciting, opaque systems of modern big-city life and the simple, nomadic, in-control-with-my-6-bike-bags way of life on the road. The differences between these life styles are downright gigantic.

    Thanks for popping by.

    With love – as always,



    WT-Article In Canadian Newspaper (French)

    Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

    Simply click HERE TO READ THE ARTICLE in the Québécois newspaper, L’Exemplaire.

    It’s down at the bottom of the pdf-file that opens in a new window.

    Now there you go, Francophoiles…WT’s for everyone! 🙂


    Copenhagen Under My Feet…

    Monday, March 15th, 2010

    Many people around me have been asking me, naturally, how it is to be back in Denmark after 4 years on the road, if I’ve gotten used to being back, and whether it’s been an anti-climax getting back.

    In my mind there’s no single answer to these questions. There’s no simple way to put it. No simple way to describe the plethora of complex feeling and emotions that have been running thru me over the last 23 days since I arrived here in Copenhagen. No matter how I think about it, though, I can’t call it an anti-climax. How could I possibly do that? With most of my best friends around me, within easy reach (yes, we travel by bicycle in Copenhagen), with one of the greatest cities on Earth under my feet, and with endless opportunities to design my time/life here in Denmark.

    So What Have I Been Doing Lately?
    Days have generally been quite busy. All the doors that I left shut behind me in April 2006, have slowly been opened again, and I’ve officially become a Danish citizen again (with library card, health insurance card, fitness member card, mobile phone number, registered at the unemployment union – all very exciting stuff, you see).

    Visits at the unemployment benefit office (a few), visits at the gym (spin classes, pulling weights, looking at people looking in mirrors, jacuzzi-laxing) (a lot), social meetings, crazy late-night drinking bouts (debauchery style) with my mates, informal meetings with sponsors (# 1 and 3 on the list, fyi), different interviews with different kinds of media, hanging out with Pablo at “home” (cooking, laughing, movie-watching, chilling, blabla-ing), preparing a mayor WT-presentation/talk that I plan on giving around Denmark later this year (the “WT-book” will come, but will have to wait for now).

    Socially, my first 3 weeks in Copenhagen have been wonderfully rich and quite overwhelming. My loved ones are just as lovable as I remember them and as I hoped (read: knew) they’d be. And still there are many faces that I haven’t seen yet. It’s going to be a darn fine spring in CPH.

    A Nomadic Soul On A Mental Journey?
    All the inner excitement I’ve felt lately has made it rather hard for me to sort of slow down, to kick back, and just ponder on this new situation and all the what-nows. I do occasionally find the trap of getting caught in everyday life trivialities surprisingly near, it’s so easy to somehow mentally “forget” all the beauties (never mind the snowy months of winter cycling up thru Western Europe!) of the last 4 years’ experiences, and I’ve promised myself to never ever get lured by that trap (unless I want to).

    My nomadic heart and soul has been greatly fuelled on the road, and hopefully it will find some juice in my current challenge, the transition back to life a little more stationary, from being a travelling nomad in the physical sphere, to being a travelling nomad in the mental (spiritual?) sphere.

    The Moral Support
    Over the last month I’ve received hundreds of emails, with congratulatory and very positive notes and thoughts. My guestbook is also the glad recipient of comments, ideas etc. I sincerely thank you all for the support. As stated before, I quite literally couldn’t have done this without your never-failing, moral support. Thanks, guys and girls.

    What About The Future of the WT-site?
    People have been lamenting (I do feel with both of you) that they won’t be able to get their daily WT/travel fix now that the journey is over. But cry not, ye’ all. Though the physical journey is over, my never-ending hunger for sensory flow and journeys into the unknown won’t stop just because my bike’s in the shed.

    This, my home-coming is just the beginning of another journey, even if this new journey might take on a much more mental quality. I hope you’ll come along this journey too. I will keep you updated about my mental and – less interesting – physical whereabouts. Check back on WT (and Facebook, if you’re playing that game) any time soon.


    Photo Album From Holland

    Friday, February 26th, 2010

    Check out the latest visuals from The Netherlands, a.k.a. Holland…

    1A. Standard, Holland.
    1B. Slideshow, Holland.


    WT-Interview In Danish Paper

    Thursday, February 25th, 2010

    Except for a few visuals from the expedition, this might not have your greatest interest (it’s all in Danish/gibberish)…

    21 FEB 2010: Article in Fyens Stiftstidende (part 1, Danish)
    21 FEB 2010: Article in Fyens Stiftstidende (part 2, Danish)
    21 FEB 2010: Article in Fyens Stiftstidende (part 3, Danish)
    21 FEB 2010: Article in Fyens Stiftstidende (part 4, Danish)

    There’s more media-related WT-stuff HERE!

    Interview with Danish newspaper, Fyens Stiftstidende.


    Photo Album From Belgium

    Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

    You know how it works, right?

    1A. Standard


    1B. Slideshow



    The Final Log

    Saturday, February 20th, 2010

    This is it. The final log update is here. I’ll miss see it growing and growing.


    Day 1.413 – A Golden CPH-Reception

    Saturday, February 20th, 2010

    Departure from Roskilde, with Ates and Ödül.

    The arrival in Copenhagen, Denmark. 1.413 days on the road...

    Arrival 5

    Arrival 2

    Champagne at the arrival in Copenhagen, Denmark. 1.413 days on the road...

    "At home" with friends Tomas, Bris, and Pabs...Ahhhhhh!

    Showing the baby...

    Bris and Kim The Camera Man...


    The WT Hall of Fame

    Friday, February 19th, 2010

    In the unlikely case you’d happen to be interested, the infamous WT Hall of Fame has just been updated.

    We’re having a Midnight Madness Everything MUST Go Freak Show, Zülle (my alter ego) and I – don’t hold yourself back. I don’t. How could i possibly, with only 30 km to go in the WT era?

    Nicolai (from Roskilde)


    Day 1.412 – The Day Before The Day

    Friday, February 19th, 2010

    Nyborg -> Roskilde
    Distance (km) : 75
    Time on bike : 4h 11m
    Brutto time: 09.30 – 15.15
    Avg : 17.1 km/h
    Max.speed: 31.0
    Total (km) : 62.148
    Altitude: 20 m
    Difficulty: 2½

    Terrible weather in Nyborg, Denmark...

    Waiting (in vain) for a ride across the Storebæltsbroen (Great Strait Bridge) where no bikes are allowed...

    The 20 km train ride across the Great Strait Bridge (Storebæltsbroen) - no cyclists - between Nyborg and Korsør, Denmark.

    Familiar scenery?

    Neither looking nor feeling too happy about the weather...

    Couchsurfing with the great Turkish couple Ates & Odul in Roskilde, Denmark.

    The last "foreign" bed before tomorrow's arrival in Copenhagen!


    Day 1.411 – Wind + Snow = ?

    Thursday, February 18th, 2010

    Middelfart -> Nyborg
    Distance (km) : 75
    Time on bike : 4h 35m
    Brutto time: 11.50 – 19.05
    Avg : 16.2 km/h
    Max.speed: 30.1
    Total (km) : 62.084
    Altitude: 10 m
    Difficulty: 3½

    Getting ready for leaving Middelfart.

    The windmill tells it all: headwind (icy)

    Enter Odense (on Fyn/Funen Island).

    Another cold and uninspiring ride (but the bike path is fine)...

    When Will This Stop?

    Couchsurfing in Nyborg, Denmark.


    Newsletter From Middelfart, Denmark (UK)

    Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

    (UK version only)

    As expected, the last few hundred meters to my parents house in Middelfart – the house where I grew up – were emotionally very heavy pedalling. Massive waves of emotions, of relief, of utter joy & happiness, of longing, of being back, of accomplishment had been rushing through me over the last few days, and now – after more than 1.400 days on the road nonstop – I was finally back home with my loved ones.

    Seeing them all standing in the driveway, waiting for me, with Danish paper flags all over, was without a doubt one of the strongest moments in my life, and the tears automatically started flowing, freestyle. I don’t really remember the last meters towards the open arms of my mum, my dad, and my sister, but the hugs were the best and deepest the world has ever seen. So unreal. So good. (See photos from my arrival here)

    After 5 days with my parents in Middelfart, I’m getting ready (practically rather than mentally) for the very final leg of the WT-expedition which will bring me back to Copenhagen, where it all started 4 years ago.

    I’ll be leaving tomorrow (Thursday) and will arrive on Saturday 20FEB2010, 12.00 PM/noon, at the RÃ¥dhuspladsen (Town Hall Square) in central Copenhagen (see my planned route into Copenhagen here).

    Undoubtedly, this, too, will be a very special moment for me. The official end of my dream, my reality over the last 1.414 days. If you happen to be in the ‘hood, come and share the moment with me. I’d be happy to see you there (tears allowing)…


    Day 1.410 – The Artichoke (UK)

    Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

    Dinner at the Restaurant Artis-Kokken with my parents. Middelfart, Denmark.

    It’s been quite a while since I went out for dinner with my parents last time. More than 3 years. Vietnam seems sooo far away now.

    Dinner at the Restaurant Artis-Kokken with my parents. Middelfart, Denmark.

    Late in the evening there’s a knocking at the front door. Childhood friends, Jens (of earlier WT-fame) and Thomas surprisingly drop in for a happy chat and a cold beer. Wonderful and how I’ve missed just hanging out with good friends, speaking my native tongue, cracking jokes and sharing anecdotes together.

    Surprise visit at home: Thomas and Jens.


    Photo Album From France

    Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

    No, it’s not quite over yet.

    I’ve just made a visual presentation of my time in France, that turned out to be much colder, much longer than expected. I also made much more great friends all over France. C’est la vie.

    1a. Photo Album From France (86 photos)

    1b. Slideshow From France

    You can also see the WT Gallery on Flickr.

    Nicolai (Middelfart, Denmark)

    What Else Could Be New?

    WT Route Map 2006-2010

    The Homecoming – Article in Danish paper…

    …and as always:

    WT Hall of Fame

    **** 1.410 days, 62.008 km, 53 countries, 6 continents ****


    Day 1.409 – Lukas

    Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

    I wonder if he’s missed me as much as I’ve missed him?

    I wonder if he's missed me as much as I've missed him?

    Most of the day’s spent trying to get organized, re-packing my beloved bike bags for tomorrow’s take-off, leaving everything behind that I don’t absolutely need, and stocking up on off-bike clothes for my arrival (and first weeks/months?) in Copenhagen.

    Being reunited with my old wardrobe anno April 2006 is a feat that cannot be overestimated – and is all part of my on-going process of becoming a “normal” (or less Lycra-clad, at least) citizen again.

    Trying to get a little organized...


    Day 1.408 – The Interview

    Monday, February 15th, 2010

    Lukas (b. 1997)

    WT-media-wise, the highlight of the day is Line, a journalist from the Danish newspaper Fyens Stiftstidende, who pays me a visit at home with her photographer Asbjørn for a longer interview (come back shortly for the article, in Danish only).

    Interview with Danish newspaper, Fyens Stiftstidende.


    Day 1.407 – Sunday At Home

    Sunday, February 14th, 2010

    Fyens Stiftstidende 13FEB2010...

    Mum and dad.


    Day 1.406 – Cruising Middelfart

    Saturday, February 13th, 2010

    Some 15 packages sent back to Denmark by me from around the world were awaiting me in my childhood room...

    Middelfart Marina...

    Middelfart Marina...

    Middelfart Library.

    Me, my sister, and her boyfriend Lasse. Middelfart, Denmark.


    Day 1.405 – Arrival Middelfart!

    Friday, February 12th, 2010

    Breakfast in Gråsten, Denmark.

    Gråsten Slot (castle) i baggrunden...

    Oh no, more winter roads...

    Too much snow!

    Swan - the national bird in Denmark...

    Wild life in Haderslev, southern Denmark.

    Snowy crosswinds...chilly!

    Getting very close to Middelfart...

    Horses + Winter

    The Eagle Has Landed!

    Welcome home, Nicolai!

    Welcoming flowers (thanks to E&E)...

    Back home...

    Dad, mum, sister, and Lasse (boyfriend)...

    It's heavy. It's delicious. It's Danish. It's a classic. Flæskesteg med rødkål, brunede kartofler, hvide kartofler og chips...Bon appetit!


    Day 1.404 – Winter & Danish Hospitality

    Thursday, February 11th, 2010

    Leaving Goethesvej in Sønderborg, Denmark...

    Plenty of snow this winter...

    Wind power...

    Åbenrå, 2010.

    A very fine (and cold) ride today...

    Snow and ice...

    Church, betw. Aabenraa and Haderslev, Denmark.

    Winter 2010.

    Winter in Haderslev, February 2010.

    Afternoon coffee in Starup/Haderslev with Sven and Esther...

    Golden sunset over southern Denmark...

    Aase, Anne, Marie, Line, and Sven preparing a lovely dinner in Graasten, Denmark.

    The Dall Family & me in Graasten...

    Line, Marie, Nicolai, and Anne...

    We both loved it!

    A comfy night awaits!


    WT On Danish Radio (10FEB2010)

    Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

    Yesterday, as I crossed the German/Danish border, I was met by the Danish media. The first link is an audio file from the border crossing (yes, huge moment for me). It’s all in Danish.

    10FEB2010: DR Syd. Arrival Denmark (in Danish)

    The second link is a radio interview I just did a few hours ago, with Danish Radio Syd (Danish too)…

    10FEB2010: DR Syd. Radio Interview

    All rights reserved. DR (Danmarks Radio)

    More news later about my arrival in Denmark. Stay tuned.

    Nicolai (Sønderborg, Denmark)


    Day 1.403 – The Nugget

    Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

    Daddy Sam & The Nugget...

    Look, mum!

    Mads, the nugget...


    WT on National TV (DR, 09FEB2010)

    Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

    Yesterday, my arrival in Denmark, after 1.402 days, 61.850 km through 53 countries on 6 continents hit the news…Have a look via the link below (but don’t blink, you might miss it!)

    09FEB2010: DR Update (National Danish TV)

    All rights reserved. DR (Danmarks Radio)



    Day 1.402 – DENMARK!

    Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

    Last morning before crossing the Danish border. In Flensburg.

    Leaving Flensburg, minus 4 degrees C.

    Just 5 km to go...

    I had a few minutes to spare before the border crossing into Denmark, scheduled at 12PM. And I needed a little something to take care of those butterflies inside of me…

    Free wine tastings in the Fleggaard shop...

    100 meters to go. Denmark is virtually just around the corner...

    For now, you’ll have to imagine all the emotions that went through my head at this point, just 100 meters from the isolated Danish border post. Suffice it to say, it was a salty, strong moment for me. Unforgettable.

    Arrival DENMARK!

    Interviewed by the press at the tiny (pedestrian) border crossing...

    Action-filming at the border...

    Ragge and I, enjoying a cold (first of) Danish Tuborg beer...

    Happily back in Denmark.

    More frost on the Danish side of the border. Minus 3 C.

    Snowy Denmark.

    Dybbøl Mølle.

    Winter in Denmark, February 2010.

    Beautiful Sønderborg, southern Denmark.

    Sønderborg, southern Denmark.

    For months I’d been waiting for this moment…and true friendship rarely disappoints.

    Re-united with my best friend Anders & family...

    The nugget Mads (14 months)...



    Denmark Calling (tomorrow)!

    Monday, February 8th, 2010

    Over the last 1.402 days I’ve cycled 62.000 km on an uninterrupted solo ride around the world – the longest in Danish history, by the way.

    Since the departure from Denmark April 10, 2006 I’ve cycled through 53 countries on 6 continents and now, 4 years later, it’s almost over.

    Tomorrow, Tuesday February 08, 2010 I’ll thus cross the Danish/German border at noon, 12.00PM at the Niehuus/Padborg crossing (see this link for more info).

    Officially, the WT Expedition will finish at the Raadhuspladsen (Town Hall Square) in Copenhagen (more info to come on www.worldtravellers.dk).

    If you feel like sharing that (personally) epic moment with me, well, see you tomorrow at the border at 12.00PM/noon then.

    Nicolai (in Flensburg, Germany. 5 km to go…)

    PS. Yes, I do drink hot coffee…


    Day 1.401 – The End’s Near

    Monday, February 8th, 2010

    Solo-breakfasting in Rendsburg, Schleswig-Holstein - Germany.

    Hotel Grüner Kranz, Rendsburg.

    When you have this…

    Another cold ride...

    …you usually get this…

    Ice, the wrong place...

    Near Hwy 77, just before I got pulled over by the German police...

    Smooth (if slippery) cobble-stoned road in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

    Smooth (if slippery) cobble-stoned road in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

    Heaps of snow in Germany!

    What a feeling!


    Day 1.400 – 200 Holidays Non-stop

    Sunday, February 7th, 2010

    Brekkie, my way...

    Breakfast (incl.) at the "An der Karlstadt Gasthaus" in Bremerhaven...

    Bismarckstrasse, Bremerhaven.

    Danish on street signs = sure sign that I'm getting closer now...

    More and more snow as I move north...

    Tunnel under the Kiel Canal...

    Tunnel under the Kiel Canal...

    Giros dinner for one in Rendsburg, Germany.

    Ahh, Franziskaner, the good white beer.

    Having been on the road for – what time-wise corresponds to – a whopping 200 consecutive charter holidays was worth a bit of celebration. And it made it easier to justify another ridiculously expensive night at a German gasthaus…

    At 45 Euros, this ended up being the most expensive accommodation in WT-history...


    Day 1.399 – Conditions: Not Perfect

    Saturday, February 6th, 2010

    Great and healthy brekkie table with Dietmar in Oldenburg...

    Brekkie with Kim and Dietmar...

    Interviewing in a German restaurant near Oldenburg...

    Berliner mit Kaffee...A Classic.

    Number of times I fell off the bike on this stretch of icy roads: 3

    Slippery, very slippery...

    Not enjoying the slow progress...

    Waiting for the ferry across the Weser River from Nordenham to Bremerhaven...

    On board the ferry to Bremerhaven...

    My Bremerhaven room. Ridiculous value-for-money, at 40 Euros/night, but I was cold. Painful.


    Day 1.398 – Dietmar

    Friday, February 5th, 2010

    Breakfast table reserved!

    Winter backroads in Lower Saxony/Niedersachsen, Germany


    Do you see my cameraman?

    Shooting in a German bäckerei (bakery)…

    Smile (and say something clever!)...

    Anything for the camera, right?

    Couchsurfing with Dietmar (71) in Oldenburg, Germany.

    Calling my parents in Denmark, from Oldenburg, Germany.


    Day 1.397 – The Documentary-Maker

    Thursday, February 4th, 2010

    Another frosty morning. Don't feel like pedalling.

    Bundesrepublik Deutschland, WT-country #52.

    Not ideal ride conditions!

    Oh, the heavy dirt on my Danish flag...

    Meeting up with filmmakers Jan and Kim on German backroads

    Meeting up with filmmakers Kim (in car) and Jan on German backroads......

    Zigeunerschnitzel - echt super!

    Schnitzel-dinner with Kim in German Gasthaus Restaurant in Löningen, Niedersachsen.


    WT Route Map 2006-2010

    Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

    The following link shows a screen shot of the route I’ve cycled since I left Denmark on April 10, 2006.

    6 continents, 52 countries, 1.400 days, and 61.500 km later I’m in Holland, only 500 km from home.

    Click here for the WT Route Map 2006-2010

    Nicolai (Enschede, Netherlands)


    Day 1.396 – Stroopwafels in Enschede (photos)

    Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

    Room with a view, Enschede - The Netherlands.

    Stroopwafels - a sweet, Dutch biscuit...

    Working in WT HQ

    Enschede Synagogue...

    Me and Esly in the synagogue...

    Enschede main square...

    Enschede downtown...

    Esly and me in the kitchen...


    Day 1.395 – Bromfiets

    Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

    Day 1.395 – 02FEB2010: Oostrum -> Enschede
    Distance (km) : 122
    Time on bike : 5h 40m
    Brutto time: 09.10 – 16.15
    Avg : 21.6 km/h
    Max.speed: 38.0
    Total (km) : 61.481
    Altitude: 70 m
    Difficulty: 3

    Overwhelming brekkie with Truus in Oostrum, Holland.

    Ready for another snowy winter cycling day...

    Crossing the Maas/Meuse River...

    German sneak preview!

    Crossing the mighty Rhein River in Germany.

    Lasagne dinner in Enschede with Esly...

    Dutch Word of the Day: Bromfiets (=scooter. (Fiets=bicycle, Brom=the sound of a scooter)

    From wet to dry...


    Day 1.394 – From Belgian To Dutch Hospitality

    Monday, February 1st, 2010

    Day 1.394 – 01FEB2010: Zonhoven (B) -> Oostrum (NL)
    Distance (km) : 102
    Time on bike : 5h 34m
    Brutto time: 10.10 – 17.30
    Avg : 18.3 km/h
    Max.speed: 32.9
    Total (km) : 61.359
    Altitude: 100 m
    Difficulty: 3½

    Text missing for now…

    Ready for take-off after wonderful days in Zonhoven, Belgium.

    The Koga in winter dress...

    Winter in Belgium...

    The Koga in winter dress...

    Winter in Belgium...

    Koffie break in Belgium...

    The Netherlands! WT-country #51...

    Pond in Holland...

    Great cycling conditions in the Netherlands...

    America (Dutch version)


    Dirk in Oostrum (and a welcome sign)...

    Wonderful Dutch dinner in Oostrum...

    The vlaai cake...

    Chilling with Truus, Pieter, and Dirk in Oostrum, Holland.

    New town, new bed...


    Day 1.393 – The Baby Shower

    Sunday, January 31st, 2010

    Text missing for now…

    Arvo sky in Genk, Belgium.

    At the baby shower...

    Belgian Temptations

    Kids at the baby shower/babyborrel...

    Cycling is healthy!

    Night sky...

    Papa Jan free-styling on his harmonica...

    Studying tomorrow's route north...

    The Last Westmalle!


    Day 1.392 – What’s Another Few Days, Anyway? (UK)

    Saturday, January 30th, 2010

    Morning view from my room...

    Lunch with Sofie. January 2010.

    The Walk…

    A Walk.

    Though part of me is itching to get back to Denmark, to get this WT-thing over and done with, hanging out with Sofie here in Zonhoven (east of Hasselt, northeastern Belgium) – which will only be my second and last stop-over in tiny Belgium – has paused me for a moment, and, really, there’s no rush getting back.

    It was a beautiful winter day in Ter Molen...

    With nigh on 1.400 days in the bag, what’s another few days?

    Sofie and Nicolai, rotating.

    It was a beautiful winter day in Ter Molen...

    Man Walking His Dog.

    Winter in Belgium 2010.

    Such a lovely dad (thank you so much, Papa Jan)…

    Papa Jan cleaning my Dutch lady. So kind.

    Snowstorm over Hasselt, Belgium.

    Weird Belgian signposting…

    Women only! Discrimination is what I call it...

    At night Sofie and I go to the movies in neighboring Genk, then a quick kebab in Hasselt through the snowstorm (above). All good!

    Ahhh, döner kebab!!


    Day 1.391 – Papa Jan (UK)

    Friday, January 29th, 2010

    Brekkie with Sofie in Ter Molen/Zonhoven, Belgium.

    Indoor comforts are supremely on the agenda today. I don’t leave the house today at all. Don’t take pity on me. It’s exactly how I wanted it to be. Tennis semi-finals from Melbourne keep me glued to the TV set all morning.

    I have a long chat with Sofie’s Papa Jan – a Jack of all trades, as Sofie said – about his seafaring youth on the Seven Seas e.g. Papa Jan even dismantles the Dannebrog on my bike and gives a good scrub and wash. Very kind.

    The TLC makes the flag real red and alive as when Carolyne made it in Adelaide in 2007…

    Cosy times in Belgium!

    Chilling with Sofie (and her family), sharing stories about our love for (almost) everything Australia, watching a movie…it all eats away the afternoon. Feeling very good here.


    Day 1.390 – From H(e)aven To H(e)aven In Belgium (UK)

    Thursday, January 28th, 2010

    Day 1.390 – 28JAN2010: Namur -> Zonhoven
    Distance (km) : 111
    Time on bike : 6h 04m
    Brutto time: 09.45 – 17.30
    Avg : 18.1 km/h
    Max.speed: 35.3
    Total (km) : 61.257
    Altitude: 120 m
    Difficulty: 4

    Bike track north of Namur...

    Leaving Namur proper turns out to be more complicated than expected. In town I manage to find the bike route (Ravel) that Nicolas recommended last night. It’s snowcovered though, so I opt for the road running parallel to it, hoping things will stay parallel. Bad choice. Gradually, the main road veers off the bike track, up to a 150-200 m plateau north of Namur, leaving me in smalltown territory, with no map, and no way of navigating with the sun since the sky’s cloudy and lousy.

    After 16 km cycling I suddenly recognize a shop sign that I passed 45 minutes earlier, just 3 km north of Namur, and realize that I’ve been cycling in circles (well, just one circle, but that was more than enough). Frustrating. Especially, since I have a rare appointment today and I’m already running late.

    Belgian backroads...

    Sofie has invited me to come and stay with her and her family in Zonhoven. Halfway between Namur and Zonhoven we’re supposed to meet up in Landen at 1PM from where we’ll ride back to her house. I hate being late, so for the next 3 hours solid I just kick the pedals hard (my knee luckily agrees to this plan) and focused, and make it just in time, with the biggest hole in my stomach.

    Sint Truiden central square...

    I’ve now entered the Flemish-speaking part of Belgium, and this province, Limburg, is literally plastered with fine-fine cycling paths. Sofie’s done her homework and we stay on mostly car-free bike tracks all the way home (ca. 55 km).

    Sofie in Sint Truiden, Belgium.

    Sitting in In De Zwaan Restaurant near Hasselt (Belgium) just a few hours after we’ve met, it feels like I’ve known Sofie much longer. It’s great company, the atmosphere’s right, and the food’s super delicious (and plentiful – Hungry Wolf likes). And did I mention the Westmalle?

    The good old (and dangerous) Westmalle!

    Sofie in De Swaan Restaurant, near Hasselt.

    In Zonhoven I get my own room, complete with TV, wifi, DVD, elevation bed (love it!), and it all feels wicked. Will stay some days here, I’m sure…

    The best meal of the year so far...


    Day 1.389 – Raja – The Warrior Kitten (UK)

    Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

    Breakfast with a note...

    Raja, the beauty.

    Raja, the beauty.

    Lunch at a Italian restaurant in Namur with Nicolas & Sophie...

    Gnocchi lunch at a Italian restaurant in Namur with Nicolas & Sophie...

    After a good, solid gnocchi lunch with Nicolas and Sophie in a Italian restaurant, I head off for a bit of sightseeing. Namur’s impressive citadel is on top of most tourists’ agenda in town, I guess. Rightly so…

    Namur downtown...

    Namur citadelle...

    Namur from the citadelle...

    My left knee was somewhat sore this morning so I turn to the trusty Ibuprofen again (the last dose this time around). I’m pretty careful walking up the stairs to the citadel and as long as I keep the grandpa speed, things are all right.

    Namur's old part of town...

    I hardly meet other people on the massive citadel, and the joy of sniffing around foreign towns is back, full-on.

    Citadelle, Namur.

    Jambes from Namur's citadelle.

    Sexy curves on the Citadelle, Namur.

    Namur center...

    Anno 1775, Namur.

    Raja in action (as almost always!)...

    Nicolas, Sophie, and Raja all know perfectly how to make you feel at home (less so, when Raja is in his warrior-must-destroy-all-mode). I really love it here and feel sad that the departure’s waiting at the other end of tonights’ sleep…

    Good times with Nicolas, Sophie, and Raja (the Bengal cat) in Namur, Belgium.