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    New to the Site?

    Keeping the website in both English and Danish is a lot of work. To make it easier for the non-Danish speaking people, I’ve started adding a tag, appropriately called English, to the entries in the diary and elsewhere that appears in English. This is not an exclusive list of the English text since I just started tagging recently. You’ll find more English diary entries scattered all over the site. Just bring me to the English stuff…

    You can choose language (Danish or English) via the flags on the front page – or in the upper left corner of the site at all times…

    Photographing is huge to me. I simply couldn’t and wouldn’t travel without my beloved cameras. I’ve posted photo albums from all the countries I’ve been to on this trip (21 as per December 2007) + some albums with favourites etc. I hope you’ll enjoy some of them. Comments are always welcome.

    I regularly post small quick notes about my whereabouts, about new stuff on the site, about the weather and what not.

    I use Flickr to handle all my photos. You can see my photos on Flickr as well…

    If you put the cursor on the photos on the site, a text box pops up.

    The Log is updated frequently and filed under each country it shows my route through the world (incl. detailed stats about those mad dog 200+ km days through the Australian outback). Further more, the note on the front page constantly says where I’m heading and what my last location was.

    Who am I?

    …and how does a fucked up hand look after a bad crash on the bike on some isolated Tibetan Plateau?