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    Archive for March, 2006

    WT on TV part 2

    Monday, March 27th, 2006

    Sådan ligger landet #1

    Yesterday the show was aired with the bit about our expedition. It wasn’t too bad – it could have been much worse 🙂

    You can see the clip here (you might have to download and install XviD video codex here)

    Thanks to Rasmus and Brian for merciful editing!

    Sådan ligger landet #2

    WT on TV

    Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006

    Yesterday we used most of the day (6 hours) to record 90 minutes long raw material on tape with DR (Danmark national broadcasting company). Those 90 minutes are going to be cut down to 4 and broadcast in the show “Sådan ligger landet” on Sunday at 19.30.

    Rasmus and Brian preparing

    It was fun but also a bit hard day. WT, bycles, fear and expectations were discussed. The journalist Rasmus and camera-man Brian were cool guys and very thorough!

    Brian in action

    The day ended at Kalvebod Brygge (address of my (Martin) work place) where were bycycling up and down along the canal before we went inside and rounded off the day with a few words inside the warm office. I probably should have dressed warmer than the thin jacket – it not quite spring here yet!!


    Martin at IO Interactive


    Diary from Tenerife (Nicolai – Danish only)

    Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006

    Snowcapped tops of Pico Viejo (3134m) and El Teide (3718m)
    Snowcapped tops of Pico Viejo (3134m) and El Teide (3718m)

    The diary from Nicolai’s bicycle and camping tour on Tenerife comes in Danish only, so far…



    Saturday, March 18th, 2006

    Here’s an update on what going on right now..

    • Nicolai have had great “fun” by taking his typhoid fever vaccine 🙂 (result: a big rash over most of his body..) Martin is awaiting his reaction to the small tablets with dread..
    • Busy times at WT headquarter! A lot of input and output – we are so very happy about all the big support we get everywhere!
    • We’ve been named Team WT!! by our main sponsor Print2People – (Jesper & Henrik, it seems like you are living a few dreams through os 😉 and us through you)
    • We are very happy to see sponsor-packages of all sizes arriving – and to our big surprise not all of them with crystal clear name of the sender. Crazy! Has the roumor of our projet gone worldwide??
    • Martin can now see the end of the neverending workingdays.. The game is in submission now! Yay!
    • The electronic equipment is getting there aswell. We just bought a Sony Cybershot T9 camera (the first purchase on our newly created “joint economi” 🙂 )
    • It seems like Martin is finding rental occupant for his apartment!
    • Nicolai has given notice on his apartment and is moving out 1st of April – straight into the livingroom of Martin where he’s staying until takeoff

    and this is just a few of all the interesting things happening at the moment.

    23 days left.


    My last weeks…

    Sunday, March 5th, 2006

    Wow – the last three weeks have been quite unreal for me. Since I got back from lovely Tenerife in the beginning of February I’ve taken a deep dive into the planning stage of the expedition; hundreds of e-mails have been sent to potential sponsors, we’ve given one interview with a Danish national tabloid newspaper (still waiting for the article to get published), other media agents contacted, I’ve tried (with some success) to establish some sort of personal @-contact to a bunch of other touring cyclist around the world (see our links page) and I’ve received loads of e-mails from these great people who have been an inspirational factor for the last year or so. Thanks you guys! The sponsors are slowly starting to see the qualities of supporting our expedition – 😉 – but all these preparational acts have taken its heavy toll on me.
    On average I’ve slept 4-5 hours a day and my heart has been racing like never before (it seems almost unreal that my morning heart beat was just 44 beats/minute a month ago in the tent on Tenerife) though my doctor told me everything was just fine.
    Waking up far too early in the morning totally unable to get back to sleep has been part of my daily routine and all day long I’ve had this strange feeling of being high on some sort of natural stimulant! This life style combining “hardly any sleep” with a “constant dope feeling” proved to be a very bad cocktail for me: Two days ago I suddenly felt the dizzyness, sore throat, sneaking fever – a clear warning sign that the body doesn’t put up with the way I’ve been treating it for the last few weeks. I accepted and went to bed almost non-stop for 24 hours and now I’m fine. Back on the great road inevitably leading to the door of my dream! La vie douce…but spare me all that crack!