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    Archive for January, 2011

    Help: Name For My Publishing Company?

    Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

    I’ve decided to publish my first book (about my RTW journey, naturally) myself. It’s nearly there now and I’m really excited about it all. I need to find a name for “my own” publishing company (sounds fancier than it is. Basically it’s just a formality publishing your own books in your “own” publishing company name. Just need to find somewhere to print the book, to cut it short).

    At some point, I might want to publish other books that aren’t necessarily bike related (photo books, e.g), which is why I’m looking for a kind of generic name, less specific and bike-focused than, say, “Bike Adventures Press”…

    Can you help me come up with a cool/great/right name?

    I’ve been thinking about these names and would love your comments/feedback:

    1. Roaming Mind Press
    2. Roaming Gypsy Press
    3. Roaming Pilgrim Press
    4. Roaming Jailbird Press
    5. Blind Gypsy Press
    6. Ecstatic Thief Press
    7. Global Gypsy Press
    8. Global Mind Books
    9. Global Eyes Press
    10. Global Nomad Books/Press
    11. Global Thief Press
    12. Global Avenue Press
    13. Exposed Nomad Press
    14. Exposed Gypsy Press
    15. OpenEyes Press
    16. VacantVillain Press
    17. Twisted Gypsy Press
    18. Twisted Avenues Press
    19. Twisted Nomad Press
    20. Twisted Vision Press
    21. Global Loop Press
    22. Twisted Turnpike Press
    23. Themes From Turnpike Press
    24. AnthroEyesPress
    25. Culture Vulture Press
    26. Global Village Press
    27. Terra Maravilhosa Press
    28. Global Voyage Press
    29. Broken Boulevard Books
    30. Homebound Escapist Press
    31. Returning Escapist Press

    Thanks in advance for your 2P. Put it below or drop me a PM at nb@worldtravellers.dk.