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    Day 599 – An Amphibian Human Being

    Tune of the Day: Headache – Frank Black

    I guess I’m a sort of an amphibian human being. Not that I’m cold-blooded or have 4 legs. But I tend to find comfort and joy in most environments, from the empty and isolated Aussie outback with no modern luxuries around, to here, at Carolyne’s place!

    It feels like heaven here – the bed is huge and firm, the internet is fast, Suzy (the Cat) is adorable, the kettle gives me hot water (coffee!) with no fuss and fumbling with the multifuel burner, the fridge is cold, the sun’s warm. Life can be so sweet & simple.

    In fact, the cosyness of just fooling around in the house – slightly pretending it’s all mine, while Carolyne’s at work in town at the Forensic Science Department – prevented me from doing any sightseeing at all today. So much for planning. Instead Carolyne and I went to the movies to see a cute little French move, Conversations with my Gardener – or as the French would have undoubtedly put it, Dialogue avec mon jardinier.

    In most Australian states (incl. SA) you have to wear a helmet when cycling. I find that stupid. Downright.

    Partly because I don’t have one and don’t intent on buying one ‘cos I feel quite claustrophobic (and geeky) with to much crap attached to my head (no sunnies either), and partly because I think the Australian urge to control its citizens went too far here. So far I’ve managed to cross the continent with just a few warnings from the police (a firm “Put your helmet on!”) , and I believe I’ll be able to continue that way…Time will tell.

    Quote of the Day: With our thoughts we create the World – Buddha.

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