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    Day 601 – It’s Gotta Be Exotic, they say.

    I spent most of the day trying to catch up with the outside world. Seems like I didn’t really miss any big headlines during the last month or so. Oh, yes, the Danish Prince Joachim is getting married again. To a French girl this time (it’s gotta be exotic, it’s gotta be exotic is the mantra in the Royal Danish Family. It was always like that). Big headline stuff is all relative, right…

    St. Francis Xavier Cathedral, Adelaide.

    Carolyne, my host, has got some great stuff in her CD collection, and I happily scavenge through it from A-Z today. I can now honestly say that I have the most fantastic iPod on Earth. True. 11.000 songs of gold. My darling. I can’t wait to get back on the road, with the head phones plugged…dreaming, thinking.

    In town today, I met Joseph, the good Irish (cum Australian) cyclist that appears on some of my outback photos and that I cycled with for about 10 days south of Alice Springs. Small world.

    Crown & Sceptre Bar

    The girls, Carolyne and her US friend Lauren take me out tonight for a bit of live music in the cool Adelaide Crown & Sceptre Bar. It’s been a while since my last live music gig, and – combined with a moderate row of Coopers Pale Ale – it was a smooth night out.

    Crown & Sceptre Bar

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