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    The WT Photo Calendar 2008 is finally out!

    Right, folks…It’s time for a bit of advertising here on WT.

    I’ve made a 2008 Wall Photo Calendar with some of my best, most memorable, most adventurous moments since I left Denmark 630 days ago. This visual project is made together with Print2People and the calendar
    is for sale online now. A part of the sales will fall into my pockets and financially it will hopefully help paving the way back to good old Denmark (somewhere in the future). Don’t hold yourself back… 🙂

    The selection of the 12 photos for the calendar was unexpectedly tough – not only because my photo archive has around 20.000 photos by now but also because a lot of the photos taken along the way are full of stories and memories that all mean a lot to me. Overall, I’ve tried to show what this bicycle expedition around the world means to me. Each photo comes with a little anecdotal text (in Danish) and a note on where the photo was taken.

    A huge thanks to all of you who helped me selecting the photos through comments and ideas. I ended up with 36 photos after all, 12 of which constitute this first calendar. It means I’ve got another 2 wall calendars up my sleeve, ready to go, but I just want to see how sales go with the first one for now. Please spread (spam) the word!

    Click the link below – hopefully, the technical part of ordering the calendar isn’t to difficult.

    1) Click on “Tilføj til indkøbskurv”
    2) Click “GÃ¥ til kassen”
    3) Enter your email address in the top line
    4) Click “Opret Kundelogin”
    5) Fill in the blanks under “Leveringsadresse ” (delivery address)

    Firma = Company,
    Fornavn = First name,
    Efternavn = Last name,
    Adresse = Address,
    Postnr./By = Zip code/City,
    Land = Country

    6) Enter your telephone number under “Telefonnummer”
    7) At the bottom, Enter a password, and repeat the password under “Gentag Password”

    8) Click “Opret Print2People Kundelogin” (create member login)

    9) Tick the box “Jeg har læst og accepterer hermed ovenstÃ¥ende handelsbetingelser”

    10) Click “Kreditkort betaling” (Credit card payment)
    11) Fill in the blanks with your card details…

    Kortnummer = card number
    Udløbsdato = Expiry date
    Kontrolcifre = Control number (3 digits)

    12) Press “Gennemfør betaling og afslut ordren” (Make payment and finish order)

    If you have made to here, good on you!

    I hope you’ll enjoy the photos…


    On this day..


    3 Responses to “The WT Photo Calendar 2008 is finally out!”

    1. Maarten and Ilse Says:

      Hi Nicolai,

      we would like to order your calander, BUT in te delivery adress we can’t fill in our country name outside Scandinavian countries (example Netherlands or other european countries)
      Maybe you can get in contact with the company how prints them to change it asap.
      Hope it will all work out for your finances………

      Greetings Ilse and Maarten

    2. Paola Says:

      that is a very good new!
      but i dont know if they can send the calendar to south america!
      best wishes, and a lucky 2008!
      c u in here m8!

    3. Fjumse Says:

      Thanks for trying to order the calendar, friends…

      I’ve asked the Print2People guys to have a look at the “problem” with ordering the calendar from outside of Denmark (and a few other countries).

      I’ll keep you posted!


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