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    A New Year’s coming up…

    It has always been a healthy thing to have a quick look in the rear-view mirror before you change the lanes on the highway. 2008 will undoubtedly lead to a lot of foreign and exciting roads for all of us, both the bitumen, dirt and mental variety.

    There’s been so many beautiful places, wonderful people and unforgettable moments in 2007 and to highlight just a few seems quite unfair because the year really has been a non-stop series of experiences and input. Things that have often made me feel extremely lucky, privileged, and proud as hell.

    When I go through the year 2007 mentally countless faces, places and feelings pop up. I can’t really understand that it’s been a year – or 52 consecutive charter holidays, if you wish – already since I said a tearful goodbye to my mother, father, and sister in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam after to wonderful weeks of reunification.

    At the same time it’s hard to believe that what has happened since that day in early January 2007, that all the sights and experiences that are somewhere up there in my memo attic, happened in just a year. I can’t feel anything but grateful, and yet I feel an insatiable lust for the year to come. Bring it on…

    Thanks for all the WT support and thumbs-up along the road and from back home to all of you. I appreciate it more than you’d ever know.

    Happy New Year 2008 – make it a happy one.

    Nicolai (Sorrento, Victoria – Australia)

    On this day..


    14 Responses to “A New Year’s coming up…”

    1. Maurício Says:

      Feliz ano novo Nicolai. Ainda será um ano com muita estrada para você, portanto, mais um ano para marcar tua história. Aproveite bastante e continue nos inspirando. Boa sorte, Maurício.

    2. Anonymous Says:

      Rigtig godt nytår, tak for en masse uforglemmelige historier og ikke mindst billeder, jeg vil spændt følge med i det nye år.
      Hilsner fra Louise

    3. Karin Says:

      Godt nytår dernede skal det lyde fra en lænestol i Danmark. Jeg glæder mig til at se flere billeder og læse om dine oplevelser. Det er en daglig rutine at tjekke din side for nyheder. Pas nu godt på dig selv.
      Hilsen fra Karin

    4. hui ling Says:

      happy new year nicolai, thanks for the amazing journey here so far 🙂 keep it coming!!

    5. Maarten and Ilse Says:

      Hi Nicolai,

      happy newyear! Wish you many healty kilometres for 2008.

      Big kiss and hug from the cold Dutchies

    6. Lisa Says:

      Hi Nicolai,

      Happy New Year! You have such a great way with words, and I always look forward to the pics too!

      My thoughts and well wishes are with you as you begin a new year and new journey to your next destination. You are truly making the most of your life right now and when you get a little gray, you can look back with the most incredible fond memories. Everyone should be so lucky and so courageous, but they are not.

      Good for you, and all the best for a healthy and happy ride into the future.


    7. Rogerbeacon Says:

      Hi Nicolai,

      keep it rolling! Happy New Year. I just wanted to check the latest pictures, however there is nothing to see for me.

      What happened?


    8. Fjumse Says:

      Hi Mauricio…

      Great to hear from you in A Terra Maravilhosa…
      I’ll keep the pedals turning and hopefully put a few inspiring seeds in the ground along the way. Hope to see you in Brasil, Mau!

      Até logo…

      Nicolão da Bahia

    9. Fjumse Says:

      Hi Lisa…

      It’s always great to feel the support from “over there”, Lisa. Thanks.
      I’ll try and stay healthy, happy and not letting my hair grow grey. Shouldn’t be a problem…Really!

      Nicolai – Melbourne

    10. Fjumse Says:

      Thanks a lot to everyone…You cheering feels even better than a mighty tailwind!


    11. Bent Says:

      Hej Nicolai

      OgsÃ¥ rigtig godt nytÃ¥r til dig. Jeg kan høre – og det er dejligt – at dampen stadig er højt oppe. Pøj, pøj, og alt godt i det nye Ã¥r. Vi mailes ved, hÃ¥ber jeg.

      Bent (og tøserne)

    12. Lisa Says:

      Hi Nicolai,

      Forever blond with a few wrinkles? Maybe just on the hands… 🙂


    13. Hilke Gerdes Says:

      Hi Nicolai,

      la mult ani, happy new year and good luck for you.
      Do you still remember Romania, Bucharest and Jonas (a long long time ago).

      We are back to Berlin since 2006. You will pass by?

      All the best


    14. Fjumse Says:

      Hi Hilke…

      Happy NY to you as well.

      Of course I do remember you, Harald and Jonas. How could I possibly forget! 😉
      Stefan cel Mare and I had some lovely days with you and I fondly remember out “concrete camp” in the backyard…

      Berlin is on my map for the long way back to Denmark.

      All the best,


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