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    Day 627 – A Different Boxing Day…

    Its quite a different Boxing Day.

    A bowl of müsli, at home on Dark Parade and the sun which is shining all day, kick-starts the day. Before noon Kate is acting like a cocktail-guru in the kitchen, while Rhod and I are the guinea-pigs on the sunny terrace. It’s a cool and relaxed beginning of a holiday.

    Together with papa Robert, mama Patricia and grandpa John, the youth walks down to Sorrento’s Front Beach and have a cup of coffee and a yo-yo cake ( and yes, that’s how they look!) with the view over the turquoise-coloured bay. It is some amazing colours and I take lots of snapshots and film.

    In the afternoon, Iva, Kate, Rhod and I drive up to Shelly Beach, which is situated on the Port Philip Bay with Melbourne further up north. The temperature is 30C degrees and the water is 22C degrees. I take a run along the beautiful beach with the iPod and do a little work out in the rocks under the sun.

    The water is nice and unbelievably clear and clean. My thoughts towards Denmark, are incredibly few, on this Boxing Day. I could easily get used to this December-heat.

    Later, Rhod takes us for a little spin in his 1997 Jeep Wrangler (topless today) and we have an ice-cream cone at Little Mermaid, the Danish ice-cream and hotdog shop at the main street.

    Rhod, Robert and I are invited onboard on a boat in Sorrento Sailing Club with some of Rob’s friends for a friendly race around the bay today. The late-afternoon light over the marina, which exudes of international sailor life, is beautiful. Beside the 3 of us, 4 of Robert’s friends are onboard as well. The boat is a Couta, which is developed here in Port Philip Bay, and which because of the low water has a very flat hull. The type of boat is mostly seen only here in the bay and only a few other places. No wonder that World Championship is also being held here in Sorrento. Approximately 15 boats are in the one hour long navigation. Rhod and I are both rookies on the boat and are not really of anybody’s help. It is a lovely experience and my first navigation ever. Back in the sailing club, the girls are waiting with beer and chips and everywhere there are happy sailor people with the ubiquitous stubby in their hand. They really like that one, here in Australia.

    (Kindly translated by A. S. Jensen)

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