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    Day 625 – 24th of December…

    Tune of the Day: Hello – The Cat Empire

    I had a long and splendid night in the soft bed in Leopold. Breakfast together with Julie and her daughter Daisy before I go to Queenscliff for the on the 9 o’clock ferry. Another fine, little Australian acquaintance…

    In Queenscliff, I receive a fresh email from mum, dad and sister Julia – and for a brief moment I miss them, seeing their happy faces.

    The ferry from Queensclif to Sorrento (on the Mornington-peninsula) takes about 40 minutes and cost 11 AUD, including the bike. Sorrento is a small holiday village on both the sea-side and the bay-side of the Mornington Peninsula. There are lots of expensive cars and rich people, so I cruise around on my bike and look at the cars of my dreams, people and skin.

    It’s been almost 10 years since I’ve seen Rhod, my Australian friend, who has invited me to Sorrento to spend Christmas with his family. I feel a little over-sensitive about calling him, but the feeling was quite unfounded. As soon as Rhod and his girl friend Iva came to meet me in the city at 7 pm, everything was as it used to be in the old days. It is great to see him again and one cannot tell that we’ve spent so many years apart. Sometimes, it is like this between people. A friendship can seem weak on a time scale, but strong on the mental level, whereas other friendships can have a long history but not matter much.

    At home Rhod’s family is waiting (further introduction will come in tomorrow’s article) with smiles, open arms and an amazing salmon steak dinner. There are 11 people in the house, so to ensure a little privacy for me, Rhod puts up a nice tent for me in the garden – my very own castle.

    Later in the evening, the young parts of the family go to a pub at Sorrento Hotel. Rhod introduces me to the tasty Amber Ale draught beer. It’s Christmas Eve and the moon is full.

    It’s great to be here…

    Photos to come…

    (Kindly translated by A. S. Jensen)

    On this day..


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