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    WT Interview on the Australian ABC Radio…

    I made an interview on the ABC Radio the other day. Morning, should I say, ‘cos the guys called me up at 6.20 AM on January 3rd 2008, even before the New Year’s alcohol debris had fully left my body.

    You can listen to the interview here…

    Radio interview on the Australian ABC Radio (03JAN2008)…

    Admittedly, it was a bit early for my and I felt I wasn’t really up for the quick & snappy ping-pong play of the radio hosts, like “So does your bike helmet have two horns out the side…” and “Nicolai, are you a loner?” and the like.

    Anyway, give it a crack.


    On this day..


    2 Responses to “WT Interview on the Australian ABC Radio…”

    1. Carolyne Says:

      Hi Nicolai
      Nice to hear your voice again 🙂
      Can’t imagine having to be up and coherent at 06:20, so I reckon you did a good job!
      c xx

    2. Fjumse Says:

      You’ve always been so kind to me, Carolyne… 🙂

      It did feel rather surreal to me on live radio under those circumstances…

      Lots of love, Nicolai

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