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    Day 633 – Sorrento -> Melbourne

    Distance (km) : 110
    Time on bike : 5h 37m
    Brutto time: 11.15 – 20.15
    Avg : 19.5 km/h
    Max.speed: 47.8
    Total (km) : 25.891

    Leaving Sorrento after a wonderful week at Rhod's family...

    If this, the first day of the new year, is a sign of how the rest of the 364 days are turning out, it is going to be a very fine year 2008. With remains of alcohol still rushing in blood, I take off from Sorrento and Rhod’s lovely family.

    Super colours! Port Phillip Bay.

    Super colours! Port Phillip Bay.

    Mount Martha, Port Phillip Bay.

    Any trace of yesterday’s festivity disappears as soon as I’m rolling again. It is a really beautiful day, 35 degrees C and a strong sun. A light breeze coming from behind makes this biking-day a bliss. I’m happy and bubbly, and my fists go into the sky from time to time. The way along the coast side of Rye, Rosebud, Mount Martha and Mornington is impressively fascinating. In Brighton, about 20 km south of Melbourne, I make a small stop to take some pictures of the small, beach shacks in pastel shades, which any local tourist guide also emphasises.

    It is a nice moment when the skyline of Melbourne is shooting up in the horizon. There is something beautiful about having being riding my bike all the way from Denmark, being on day 633 and reach this metropole (one of the world’s most cool cities according to several modern magazines) on the first day of the year 2008. 2008 seems to be a good year.

    Brighton Beach Sheds.

    Brighton Beach Sheds.

    Brighton Beach Sheds.

    In Albert Lake Park, (which, for those who are interested, is the place where Formel 1-races are being held) I get into conversation with Sydney-couple Tom and Sue, who are really excited about my trip. I inform them that I will be on ABC Radio tomorrow morning at 06.30 – they liked that!

    House of God, Melbourne suburbia

    Albert Park, Melbourne.

    Albert Park, Melbourne.

    Albert Park, Melbourne.

    I have now been riding my bike for 5000 km in Australia without a bike helmet, which is required by law here. I have been stopped several times during the last couples of months and been given a kind reprimand by The Law to get a helmet. Today, 3 police cars and one MC have passed me. I’m prepared to be confronted and I have a smart excuse at hand, but no one stops me. I’m sure it is because of the little Danish flag (thanks again, Carolyne!) that the police do not give me any bill and they probably know that I have no current home address, and therefore, they have nowhere to send it to. The mouse playing with the cat!

    Albert Park, Melbourne.

    Arrival Melbourne! Albert Park.

    At 8.15 pm, I arrive at 173A Spensley Street in Clifton Hill district, where Rhod and Iva live and has just arrived. A nice, slim art deco house with both a front- and a back-garden. I have gotten my own lovely room with a classic guitar, a comfy futon (yeah!), TV and a high ceiling. Perfect! We hang out in the green back garden and have a James Boag’s beer and a talk.

    Melbourne skyline from Princes Bridge...

    Thanks to Anne S. Jensen for the translation!

    On this day..


    2 Responses to “Day 633 – Sorrento -> Melbourne”

    1. Marlene Goss Says:

      Well we have just arrived home from a relaxing holiday at Victor Harbour SA.The Tour Down Under is being well publicised and our thoughts were with you wondering how far you have travelled. Great to see you have made it to Melbourne. Continue to have a safe journey. Marlene and Craigh

    2. Fjumse Says:

      Hi Marlene & Craig…

      Great to hear from you – and that you are continually enjoying the fabulous country that is Australia. That’s what I’m doing myself. I find it hard not to. 🙂

      Say hi to Teesh and Tiffany from here.


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