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    Day 645 – Lagoons Beach -> Hobart (Tasmania)

    Distance covered in the Mazda: 550 km (total 1730 km)

    Tasmania Day 6.

    Please note: The following photos contain one very, very sad photo. It’s about a dead mama animal and her dead baby…

    Warned, ye all are! Otherwise enjoy the fantastic colours of the Tasmanian East Coast…

    Lagoon Beach, Eastern Tasmania.

    Lagoons Beach, Eastern Tasmania.

    Falmouth, Eastern Tasmania.

    Near Scamander Forest Reserve...

    A Truly Tragic Sight...

    Beaumaris Beach, Eastern Tasmania.

    Wonderful St. Helens Peninsula.

    Beerbarrel Beach, St. Helens Peninsula.

    St. Helens Peninsula, Eastern Tasmania.

    Dreamlike Binalong Bay. Humbug Point Cons. Area. NE Tasmania.

    Swimcart Beach. Humbug Point Cons. Area. NE Tasmania.

    Near The Gardens. Humbug Point Cons. Area. NE Tasmania.

    Sloop Reef Beach. Humbug Point Cons. Area. NE Tasmania.

    Forest Fire, Central Tasmania.

    St. Columba Falls. NE Tasmania.

    In the country...

    3 tanks of fuel, 135 L and 1.730 km is the numbers for the last 5 days with the hired car.

    I wonder how many tuna sandwiches that is, energy wise. And how many kilometres I could ride on those sandwiches. Do the math. It’s hard to justify our massive (ignorant?) use of the fossil fuels. Bike, bike, bike!

    Little Plains Lookout. NE Tasmania.

    Central Tasmanian Farmland...

    Bagdad - the Tasmanian version.

    What a ride!!!

    Randomly, I ran into Chris, a super friendly spirit that found it stupid that I would spent my last night on Tasmania in my tent near the airport in order to catch my early morning plane back to Melbourne. He kindly offered me to crash in his house. He took me out for dinner (delicious Tassie fish), and took me for a great ride and walk near Sandy Bay and some of Hobart’s suburbs on the hill sides. He even drove me down to Taroona High School where the Tassie-born Crown Princess of Denmark, Mary, went back in the 80s. Now that’s a tour guide that knows how to satisfy his clients!

    Hobart Waterfront...

    Sandy Bay, Hobart - Tasmania.

    Sandy Bay, Hobart - Tasmania.

    Night time over Hobart...

    Chris, thanks a lot for your great hospitality. You were an unforgetable, social ending of an unforgetable Tasmanian week.

    Chris, my lovely host on my last night in Hobart..

    On this day..


    2 Responses to “Day 645 – Lagoons Beach -> Hobart (Tasmania)”

    1. Harydial Says:

      hey Nicolai
      Its harydial again….
      I’ve been following ur epic journey….thats so cool man!
      I was wondering what camera do u use for your shots? The one with the waterfall is amazing….do u use thinks like filter or other camera gadgets?
      As u can figure out i have really got not much idea about phtography but I do identify with great photos and would love to take some like yours….?
      Finally do u use a tripod or like a mini one?
      And do u just set timer and ran to take solo shorts of urself when there is no one around…..to help u with the camera?

      Your log and websites is really cool and keeps me dreaming of one myself
      Safe travels and never look back….

      Kind Regards

    2. Fjumse Says:

      Hi HaryD…

      Thanks for the kind words…

      I use a Canon EOS 300D with 3 different lenses + a Sony T100 pocket camera. Check the Equipment menu on the main page.

      I have a circular pol. filter that I use in bright, sunny weather sometimes. Besides I have a mini tripod. That’s all I use.

      Timer and other people’s help I use as well 🙂

      The world is such an inspiring place and it’s hard not to get all excited about it – my cameras are normally just as excited as I am. We’re a good match, I reckon…


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