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    Camp WT: A Personal Assessment of the World

    Australia is my country number 21 on this journey and hence it’s time for an evaluation, time to look back for a little while.

    Now what’s your favourite country so far, is a question I often hear. It’s a logical and very easy question – the answer not so. It’s a very complicated, complex thing to answer curious questions like that. Like photos, sometimes numbers can say more than a hundred words, they sometimes speak more clearly to the mind. I like numbers. Always did.

    I’ve made a document (Excel worksheet) where I’ve rated (on the classic 1-10 scale) all sorts of things that I – as a private Nicolai and as the lycra-RTW-cyclist – find relevant/important when cycling around the world.

    Please note that some of the fields have a little red triangle attached in the upper right hand corner. These contain a comment. Just put the cursor on the field and the note pops up.

    Have a look. Comments & questions are welcome as always!

    24 JAN 2008: WT-Rating Scheme of the World


    On this day..


    4 Responses to “Camp WT: A Personal Assessment of the World”

    1. Jorge De Dinamarca Says:

      Hey, nice with the rating. I definitely gonna visit some of your 9-countries. But look out for Latin America were you gonna find more 9s and probably a 10 😉

      Your latino freak

    2. Mark Says:

      don’t miss Colombia, it is great.

    3. Fjumse Says:

      Jorge de Dinamarca!!!!

      Ingen ringere! Dejligt med et lille pust fra Columbia. Efter at ha’ rejst i Latinamerika med dig i et halvt aar, saa ved jeg jo godt, hvad der kraeves af et 10-tal i din bog, Jorge… 😉

      Kaerligst, Nicolai

    4. Dom Says:

      You biked 1200km in Singapore? I think there’s a typo somewhere there unless you went round it about 20 times.

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