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    When I left Copenhagen 677 days ago I had a rough idea that a time frame of about 2 years for cycling around the world would be appropriate. It turned out not to be so. The world is a beautiful place and the bicycle has turned out to be a fantastic way of experiencing the world.

    Almost 2 years of the WT-expedition has gone, 27.000 km through 21 countries, and here I am, in Eastern Australia on the other side of the Globe, about half way through the journey. Ahead of me is New Zealand, South America, Central America, and North America and then back to Europe by sea. Realistically, I reckon it’ll be another 2 years until I reach Danish turf again. Hence these words.

    Thanks to the financial support that I’ve received from my sponsors until now the adventure has come this far. Getting this support has meant everything to me, and I’m extremely grateful and happy that other than myself believed in the journey right from the start.

    The time frame of 2 years – that the original sponsorships were meant for – has gone, and despite my constant economical cautiousness and strictly disciplined low-budget way of living, I’ve realized that I need financial help for the next and last Stage 2 of the WT-journey, that will hopefully bring me back to Denmark in 2010.

    In other words, I’m now looking for new sponsorships that will help bringing the journey to an end, back to Copenhagen, and before I start making the sponsorship applications I’m very interested in getting in touch with companies, clubs, individuals or otherwise that might be able to help me.

    Don’t be shy. Any ideas or contacts are highly appreciated…


    Nicolai (with a broken rim in Eden, NSW, Australia)

    On this day..


    5 Responses to “Attenzione!!!”

    1. Thomas Frank Says:

      Jeg gætter du få rigtig mange besøg på din hjemmeside. Hvis du indsætter googel ad-words på din hjemmeside, er der penge på kontoen, hver gang der er nogle der klikker på reklamerne. Reklamerne suger siden for indhold og tilpasser reklamerene efter hjemmesiden indhold. Det virker perfekt, jeg har installeret det på denne side http://www.raport.dk

    2. Lisa Says:

      Hi Nicolai,

      Sorry to hear about your dilemma! I had a thought, and don’t know if this will help, but here goes. Have you heard of Critical Mass? It’s “an idea and an event, not an organization” according to their website….it’s kind of a political/in your face sort of group, (that’s an understatement here in San Francisco where it’s huge–it started here), but I think they might be a good source for you to brainstorm with when you reach Sydney. They used to meet the last Friday of the month (29 Feb) at Hyde Park Fountain, but they’re site hasn’t been updated for a while… http://www.bikesarefun.org/ Maybe check with a local bike shop when you get there…

      In our little town, they like to start in the Financial District and ride up Market St. which is a major street that all the traffic, street cars and buses use. It’s always planned for a Friday at rush hour to make the biggest statement, as in, if you were on a bike, you wouldn’t be sitting there giving me the finger as I weave around the traffic :-)! People get very angry and there is much honking. It always makes the news. You could be wearing something from a potential sponsor–jersey, hat, etc. although the ones who garner the most attention here usually go naked. Not sure if you are that desparate for sponsors, but you might find your princess–haha!

      If I think of anything less drastic, I’ll keep you posted.



    3. Jorge De Dinamarca Now In Colombia Says:


      Jeg sidder faktisk og bikser pÃ¥ en kommende blog hvor jeg ogsÃ¥ har kik pÃ¥ indtjeningsmuligheder. Et par eksempler som jeg har fundet frem til…
      – Google adsense (www.google.com/adsense)
      – Vitamark (vitamark.com – reklamer for vitaminpiller. Jeg spiser dem selv :-).
      – Amazon bøger (bøger du har læst og som du anbefaler andre)
      – Søg US affiliate programmer (ikke særlig kendt endnu i EU). F.eks. sÃ¥ kan det være et cykeludstyr firma har et affiliate program, hvor du tjener penge hver gang en af dine besøgende køber fra firmaet.

      Men potentialet afhænger af trafikken du får til sitet.


    4. Maarten Says:

      Hi Nicolai,

      Well, you made it to the city of ‘Thongs and Surf Reports’!
      It must be an incredible feeling to make it this far and still have the energy to go on. Enjoy you time “alone”, I believe you will find ‘your women’ and surely your travel style/life will change a bit after that.
      Take life as it comes, not as you want it to be…………

      A big hug from Holland,

    5. Fjumse Says:

      Just to let you guys know that I actually DO appreciate your help and good advice.

      I’ll give GoogleAdsense a crack and see how it works.

      Cheers, Nicolai (Sydney)

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