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    Sydney calling (UK only)…

    So I made it all the way to Sydney!

    I arrived last Sunday, 24th of February 2008, after 27.545 km and 686 days on the road.

    Needless to say, it feels really, really good being here. Not only because Sydney is one of the most beautifully situated cities in the world – rivalled only by Rio de Janeiro some people claim – but also because Sydney marks the end of my 6.700 km bicycle journey in and across Australia. Spotting the globally known city icons, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House last Sunday afternoon was a special moment for me.

    It was a special moment for me arriving in Sydney, seeing the Opera House...

    It truly has been some fantastic 5+ months. Australia is just full of some of the most lovely and hospitable people I’ve ever come across. I feel fortunate having met so many great spirits out there. None of the good deeds and kindness that you’ve bestowed upon me will ever be forgotten.

    Also a huge thank you to Jens, my Danish friend /anthropologist / film maker who’s been cycling with me from Melbourne for the last nearly 4 weeks. We’ve had a fantastic time together. He left Sydney yesterday. I still don’t like goodbyes.

    Nicolai and Jens in a Indian take-away, Kings Cross - Sydney.

    I’m now staying + relaxing with a good friend of mine, Brett, in Seven Hills, west of the city centre. I met Brett on the Great Ocean Road in December and we cycled together for a few days. It feels so good being here, not moving for a while.

    Fantastic dinner prepared by Brett (second from right). Seven Hills, Sydney.

    Out there in the not-so-distant future New Zealand is waiting. BTW, should anyone know of anyone going to New Zealand some time next month (sailing boat, yacht, raft, or whatever floating), do let me know. OK?

    But for now, it’s time to kick back for a little while. I kind of deserve it…

    Thanks for the encouragement and support to everyone! Without it I guess I wouldn’t be sitting here now… 😉

    Relaxing in civilized surroundings...Ahhhh!


    On this day..


    18 Responses to “Sydney calling (UK only)…”

    1. Marlene Goss Says:

      Nic, Great to hear that you continue to stay fit and well. Enjoy your time in Sydney another great place in Australia!! A little different to some of the Sth Aussie country you travelled. Continue to look forward to hearing of your travels.
      Cheers, Marlene and Craigh Goss

    2. Anonymous Says:

      well,you’ve been quite lucky so far!i enjoy the two dimension of Sidney opening page by page while you’re truly out there.You deserve to be congratulated!keep contact ,buddy!

    3. Marloes Says:


      Really nice to read and see what you are up to. But I am a bit jealous I have to say, you are still in a beautiful, warm surrounding, and I am back in a cold cold Amsterdam. Relax for the moment and have a good trip to NZ!


    4. James Says:

      That’s a milestone you reached. You’re looking for a ship or something from OZ to NZ. I heard a story about two Kiwis or was it Aussies, who just recently paddled over the Tasman Sea in a kayak, it probably took them two months or something – I guess that’s not what you’re are looking for. Depending on which part of NZ you plan to sail to, I would recommend to broaden your search to cover internet sites covering Auckland sail clubs or sites which such information. Auckland on the North Island, is called the City of sails, as no other city in the world have so many private boats compared to the inhabitants of the city. There must be some Kiwis in Auckland, who informed of their trip to Sydney on such sites, and are planning to go back. Well that’s my humble opinion, good luck.

    5. Mlle Sara Says:

      It’s always a delight to see your photography! It’s like honey, nope, make that mapple syrup, to my eyes!

      Congratulations on your last accomplishment! Your strength and freedom are as inspirational as ever. I hope you will gather all that is needed to finish your trip. In fact, I don’t doubt it for one second.

      Lost somewhere in the mountains of Africa, I send my best wishes to you my dear!
      Sara xx

    6. Paola Says:

      Muy feliz por ti ! mucha suerte amigo, nos vemos cuando vengas a south americA!
      🙂 best wishes and have a amazing time in sidney and in new zealand mate!
      g’day ! hahaha

    7. Fjumse Says:

      Hi Marlene & Craigh…

      Good to hear from you. Yes, Sydney is an altogether different place compared to the lovely, rural settings of SA. I love the diversity of this country. One thing remains the same, though – the fun loving, hospitable genes of the Aussies. Just like you showed me! Say hi to the girls…


    8. Fjumse Says:

      Don’t be jealous, Marloes…You are among the coolest persons (the Dutch, i.e) in the world and needn’t feel like that. Though I’m sure it’s a different kind of cool you’re talking about. I’m sure that you’re already planning your next adventure abroad…

      Love, Nicolai

    9. Fjumse Says:

      Hi James.

      Thanks for your 2C.

      I’ll check out the NZ sail clubs etc. I did hear about the 2 Aussies that made it across the Tasman Sea in a kayak. I’m not sure if my Koga bicycle would be too proud of a rough voyage like that. Have to treat her like a woman, you know…


    10. Fjumse Says:

      Dear Sara…

      Thanks for the support – to keep the metaphors alive, your words is like peanut butter to me – now that’s something sweeter than maple syrup!
      Looking forward hearing more about your African adventures…

      Beijos, Nicolai

    11. Fjumse Says:

      Dear Paola…

      Yeah, most definitely we’ll meet up again once I’ve put my foot on the South American continent. Am really looking forward to Chile, an Argentinian tango etcetera.

      Abracos, Nicolai

    12. Keith Says:

      G’day mate.
      Well congrats on such an epic ride across australia, slightly insane but epic.
      I can assure you NZ will be a bit shorter and probably much wetter.
      Looking forward to saying Kia Ora to you in Auckland, personally.
      Good luck on the tassie thing though, she is a rough piece of water.

    13. Fjumse Says:

      Hi Keith…

      Thanks for the weather forecast. Just got myself a warm jacket today, just in case.
      Am slowly getting mentally prepared for Kiwiland. Can’t wait, to be honest.
      Surely, I’ll keep you posted once I reach the North Island.
      Our last encounter in Istanbul June 2006 seems so far away, doesn’t it…

      See you this autumn…


    14. Volker and Katharina Says:

      Hello Nicolai,
      this Volker and Katharina-the Germans from Wauchhope.We are back in Germany since one month and we miss Australia-really.Now we are looking for a job-but it is so hard to find one. If it would be possible then we would come back to Australia-it was a great time and it is a nice country.We miss the friendly people, the landscape, the ocean,the sun, BBQ,….
      We are happy that you enjoyed the time in OZ as well and wish you all the best for NZ and your next destinations.
      It would be nice to hear from you.
      Greatings from Volker and Katharina

    15. toni und silvia Says:

      There is only one word for your achievement: CONGRATULATION. You did a great job as a canadien would say.

      Greetings from the Canada/Alaska Border by a warm winter day with a daymaximum of -5 Celsius (can you in Australia imagine a temp. like this?)

      take care

      toni and silvia from switzerland (we met in Thailand a year ago0

    16. Fjumse Says:

      Hi Volker und Katharine…

      Good to hear from you. Wauchope seems so far away though the memories are still vivid and fond. I think I feel a bit like you even though I’m still here in OZ. It’s not going to be easy for me either to leave this wonderful continent. But life goes on, ehh…

      Thanks for your kind words.

      Hope Germany is treating you well.

      Thoughts, Nicolai

    17. Fjumse Says:

      Lieber Toni und Silvia.

      I can’t believe it’s nearly a year ago we randomly met at the Golden Triangle in Northern Thailand. Lovely to hear from you. I’m sure you’re enjoying the house sitting up there in the Alaskan/Canadian wilderness.

      All the best, Nicolai (Sydney 28C, sunny – had to mention 😉 )

    18. Fjumse Says:

      Hola Paola…For sure, we’ll meet in Chile! Am slowly getting excited about América do Sul…

      Abracos, Nicolão da Bahia

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