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    Photo album #3 from Southern Australia…

    Have a look at the new photo album #3 from Australia – a land of beauty!

    …orview as a slideshow

    Nicolai (Sydney)

    On this day..


    2 Responses to “Photo album #3 from Southern Australia…”

    1. Lisa Says:

      Hi Nicolai,

      Great photo album. Once again, you’ve really outdone yourself. Now I want to go back to Oz! It’s like you sell a destination without even meaning to–maybe you have a future with the tourism commission :-).

      I also think it’s so cool (serendipitous is a better word) that you stumble upon these places just as part of your chosen bike route or that are on the trail. These are great finds that you can’t plan. They just have to happen.

      Your pictures and stories are awesome and give me a much needed respite from work. Doesn’t everyone surf a little at their desk? I think so…

      Enjoy the sun and your wonderful new friends in Oz. Sounds like life is grand!!



    2. Fjumse Says:

      Dear Lisa…

      Thanks a lot for the support & encouragement! It means everything to me.

      Your reflexions keep reminding me that – yeah! – the adventures and encounters along my chosen path are just magnificent and really worth every single drop of sweat. Actually, it might be the best “personal investment” ever. The pay-off is evidently huge! 🙂

      I’m loving it here in Sydney. You’d have to go back one day. Life is now. No test drives given. So we better make it grand, right…

      Thoughts, Nicolai

      (I did PM you just now – you know why…)

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