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    Day 691 – An Ordinary Day

    (UK Only)

    The rain pours down all day. It’s been the rainiest summer in about 20 years here in Sydney. Them Sydneysiders don’t like. I don’t normally like either.

    So I spend all day indoor, doing my rather smelly laundry + sleeping bag, updating the website, looking out the window. An ordinary day, I guess. Nothing overly exciting but it feels good to have a full-on working day on my laptop. Rain often makes me relax, makes me slow down. The sun always makes me kind of hyper, kicking.

    Other people do exciting stuff. A good friend of mine, Carolyne, with whom I stayed for nigh on 2 weeks in Adelaide is having a hair cut. Not a conventional female hair cut though…Check out her blog (the hair thing is posted on the 12th of FEB and further down her blog, on the 9th of DEC, is a few photos etc. from our great time in Adelaide).

    At the other end of the adventurous spectrum, Rob Thomson, a New Zealander that I met briefly on the streets of Osh in Kyrgyzstan 1.5 years ago, is continuing his amazing journey. He just decided that he’ll cross China on his way back to NZ, on his skateboard. He’s currently crossing the US on the skateboard, a feat that’ll supposedly earn him a note in the Guiness Book of Records in the near future. It’s a truly inspirational odyssey, Rob!

    Useless Stats of the Day:

    Distance without a flat tyre: 5.000 km (south of Alice Springs)
    Months since my last soccer match on TV: 21 (World Cup Final 2006, Turkey)
    Number of foot wear (on bike):2 (thongs + bike shoes)
    Dress code in Sydney bars and pubs: Yes! (meaning no thongs, no bike shoes allowed)

    On this day..


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