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    Dag 698 – Kajak i Port Jackson Bay

    (UK only, photos to come)

    Album of the Day: The Boatman’s Call – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

    Apparently the joyful days won’t ever end for me here in Australia.

    Today Kate (whom I’m staying with in Bondi) has arranged a kayak day out for the two of us. I’ve made an agreement with the sun: just keep shining. One of her clients (she’s a pro personal trainer) has a massive house at the cute Kutti Beach (Vaucluse), including a private beach assess – and a shed with kayaks, free of charge! How good is that?

    Getting ready for a great day out with kayaks in the bays of Sydney.

    It’s another warm and sunny day in Sydney, the 3rd in a row.

    The Wolf. 72 kg of beast.

    Kayaking in and around the beautiful bays and coves of Sydney’s Port Jackson Bay – I can hardly imagine a better way to spend a Thursday afternoon in March. From Kutti Beach we head for the Parsley and Vaucluse Bays and then across the Port Jackson Bay to a little lovely beach. Well, so it seems – but it ain’t an ordinary beach. Kate’s 6th sense senses something strange as soon as we approaches the beach. There’s too many people crammed on the beach, and they all seem to be standing, staring.
    As we get closer Kate’s instincts are confirmed. Nudists! Everywhere! Staring! The vast majority’s older men simply just too happy to show off their thingies. It freaks her out a bit so we find a less crowded, less visible spot on the sunny rocks and chill for a while. Even as an anthropologist I’m struggling to understand the underlying logic of nudism. If there’s any at all. It’s such a beautiful beach nonetheless.

    Fish 'n chips 'n Coronas in Watsons Bay, Sydney.

    Kate’s offered me a massage back home. She’s a pro and really keen at that, and surely I can’t say no. I keep getting spoiled. I even got to choose the music. João Gilberto – one of my Brazilian heroes – is an easy pick for such a relaxing occasion. It’s been more than 9 months since my last massage in Thailand. Still feels great. Such skillful and knowledgeable power hands!

    The Massage.

    In the evening I go for a walk with Skuba, the 7½ months old chocolate labrador. It feels very quotidian, almost like being at home here in Sydney, taking the dog for a walk around the lively streets of Bondi. I really do like it here. New Zealand’s gotta wait!

    On this day..


    2 Responses to “Dag 698 – Kajak i Port Jackson Bay”

    1. dirk Says:

      heyz mate!

      it”s great to read that you are still having great fun and a lot of luck!
      but that”s what you get when you are travelling. i get the feeling again travelling in australia and travel it”s amazing roads when i see your beatiful pictures and reading your storys. Sydney a verry lovely place, one of my favorite cities.
      keep enjoying your world-adventures and exploring!


      greetings dirk from holland.

    2. Fjumse Says:

      Hi Dirk…Thanks a lot for the lines… Yeah, you’re right, the luck just keeps hitting you when you’re on the road, ready for whatever awaits you around the corner. It’s such a fine thing.

      Hope Holland is treating you well. Maybe not like Bali did, but anyway…

      Cheers, Nicolai

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