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    A Final Note from Australia…

    Time has come to say goodbye.

    Goodbye to 6 fantastic months in an even more fantastic country. Standing here in Sydney’s Int’l Airport is really weird for me. The bags are all packed, the bike’s ready to board the plane, the last goodbyes to my Aussie friends behind me.

    All sorts of different emotions go through me right now. One moment I’m super excited about going to New Zealand, with every single cell in my body determined to hit the road again. The next, I’m slowly realizing that..well, no more Australian pleasures & adventures for now, a country that’s become so wonderfully familiar to me over the last 183 days.

    Goose skin, from top and down. Can’t help it. The feeling of a New Beginning has never been stronger. 3 months (I reckon) of Kiwi delights (fingers crossed) ahead of me.

    Must go. Time for a snack and a bit of…looking back, I guess…contemplating, looking forward..before boarding the Virgin Blue plane in 3 hours.

    See you all in New Zealand!

    Bye for now – Nicolai

    On this day..


    7 Responses to “A Final Note from Australia…”

    1. carolyne Says:

      New Zealanders are a pretty friendly bunch too – I’m sure they will be just as hospitable towards you, Nicolai. You just kind of attract that 🙂
      I, too, am looking forward to your new adventures!
      c xx

    2. Fjumse Says:

      Hi Carolyne…

      Yup, I (the Boeing 737) made it to Chch and NZ. New country, new people, new temperatures, new roads, new adventures in Hi-Fi. Good old feeling, though: just wanna swallow the bitumen and see those snowcapped mountains.

      I hope you and your fellow South Australians are doing well in that terrible heat. The Danes would love it, I’m sure.

      Hugs, Nicolai

    3. Rob Thomson Says:

      Dude, the video is great. Good work. I look forward to more.

      I’m heading to China on the 13th of April. I decided against central America by skateboard, and instead will skate across China. Tis gonna be a crazy trip.

      Enjoy the homeland (New Zealand).


      — —
      14degrees Off The Beaten Track – Around the world solo by recumbent bicycle and skateboard. 20,000km. 2 years. // URL: http://www.14degrees.org // email: rob.thomson@14degrees.org // Raising awareness for Lowe Syndrome – http://www.lowesyndrome.org

    4. Fjumse Says:

      Hi Rob…

      Thanks for the words. I too am looking very much forward hearing about your upcoming China adventures. It’s truly is an amazing journey. Am following you close from your home/Kiwi land.

      Rain on my birthday wasn’t what I asked for, though.

      Tailwinds and high spirit, Rob.


    5. Mor og Far Says:

      I dag er det Nicolais fødselsdag….hurra, hurra hurra !
      Hjerteligt tillykke Nicolai – ærgerligt at du må undvære vores smukke fødselsdagssang og hjemmebagte boller og chokolade !
      Mor og Far

    6. Mor og Far Says:

      Hovsa…..vi skrev jo d. 6. april kl. 19.30 – og det er jo den korrekte dato for din fødselsdg – men hjemmesiden regner åbenbart i NZ-tid.

    7. Fjumse Says:

      Kæreste mor og far…

      Velkommen også i dette forum!

      Og tak for sangen, hvis audiotive skønklang jeg jo må undvære også i år. Men jeg har jo ca. 30 tidligere fødselsdagssange at huske tilbage på, så jeg klarer mig for nu.

      De hjemmebagte og chokoladen – tja, de er – og var særligt i går! – stort savnet…


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