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    Day 753 – Getting familiar with the soaps…

    One of the luxuries that often hits me on this journey is the choice: stay or go. Quite often both options make great sense – which naturally leaves me all confused and hesitant. This morning was no different. Stay one more day or hit the road? My body tried to convince to stay another day (it’s the same old song here) but I wasn’t quite sure what my hosts thought about that. Need not worry, Nicolai – it was all green lights!

    The last 5 weeks of cycling has taken it’s toll on me. I really feel like crashing somewhere, somewhere to do nothing, and not just for a limited time only. Well, things change quickly and these relaxing days in Nelson – in the campervan and with the Williamson’s have been great on various levels.

    In the centre of Nelson is Pukimai Hill on which stands the Church of Christ, Nelson’s cathedral and pride. This Thursday the church is empty like its Danish equivalents. Pretty stained glass windows depicting religious moments I know next to nothing about. Happily so, I’m afraid.

    At the main library I spent a few hours doing research about the next Chapter of the WT Book, The South Pacific. Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, French Polynesia, and The Cook Islands are all tempting options. The contour of a tropical palm tree starts lurking temptingly in the back of my mind again…

    In the evening it’s business as usual with the Williamson’s: great and plentiful dinner, the soaps Home & Away (AUS) and Coronation Street (UK) on TV, and I’m even starting to get kind of familiar with some of the characters in the series. Shocking, isn’t it?

    I feel recharged, looking forward to moving on tomorrow. Nelson’s been good to me.

    On this day..


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