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    The Reincarnation of a Beloved Friend

    (UK only)

    Typing these very words after two months near-silence is a special moment for me. They are proof that the ’blindness’ I’ve felt for too long now due to the sudden disappearance of my life line (to the parts of the world I’m not physically in contact with), my creative playground, the friend that never complains, that is this site.

    Little did I know how much it means to me to be able to share with you out there, the highs & the lows, the beauty & the sadness, the faces & the places of this nomadic life of mine, and to expose what’s happening in and around my part of the world (which, admittedly, will always be but a fraction of all that’s really going on. Thus is life, after all).

    Some might call it therapy. I don’t like that word. Writing (and sharing it) has simply become a necessary way for me to do what I’m doing, to go through life, and it greatly helps me digesting some of all the experiences, thoughts, ideas, reflections that would otherwise muddle up my rapidly diminishing mental hard drive.

    ”If there is a God?” Billy Corgan once asked. To this I can now honestly say:

    Yes, Billy, there is a God.
    He doesn’t have wings but he’s made me feel like flying again.
    He lives somewhere in Australia.
    His name is James.
    I don’t know the look of his face but I feel the healing powers of his blessed deed.

    To clear things out a bit: James is the sole reason you can be reading these words now. Without asking for anything, without questioning, without hesitating, without knowing who I am, he’s so generously, selflessly, and expertly fixed this website, brought it back to life from a rather doubtful underworld existence.

    For me, as you might have guessed by now, this is a miracle come true. His much appreciated help has taught me that we don’t really need religions and hocus-pocus mantras to get through our lives. All we need is lots of love – and a few Jameses around now and then! Eventually things will fall into place. That’s all it takes, really, to make the world spin and smile (and please don’t accuse me of being too simplistic and naive here. I’ve tried it and it works wonders).

    Trying in the first place was optimistic. I knew I wouldn’t adequately be able to express the immense happiness and gratitude I feel right now thanks to my guardian angel. You are my hero, James and God bless you.

    On this day..


    8 Responses to “The Reincarnation of a Beloved Friend

    1. Ilse Liou and Maarten Says:

      Hi Nicolai,

      good to see you’re back on the web (THX James!)
      Looking forward to reading the “real news……..” (not that of crappy daily newspapers)

      See you soon (somewhere sometime)
      Greetings and a hug from Holland

    2. Henrik Says:

      Hej Nicolai

      Nice that you’ve managed to get the site running again. Now get out there and back to write something for us 🙂

      Good luck, Henrik

    3. ne Says:

      thanks James!

    4. Quentin Says:

      Ho Nicolai,

      What a beautiful article. I really loved it. You express very well the relation between the traveller and his blog. I’ve been sharing so many stories on mine. I was really sad when it broke down. But I wasn’t in the middle of a four years trip. Anyway, I’m glad you fixed it out because I guess that have been like a big hole in your life and your need to share such special experience. And now I will be able to read you again.

      Good luck, Quentin

    5. Calvin Broadhurst Says:

      Welcome back to the web Nicolai… we missed reading of your adventures. And many thanks from us to James also.

      Kia Kaha!
      Calvin and Nicola
      Christchurch, NZ

    6. Lisa C Says:

      Hi Nicolai,

      Glad to see you back up and running (or cycling) again with your fabulous website. 🙂 If everyone performed random acts of kindness, a la James, can you imagine how well we would all just get along? Or in the words of Louis Armstrong, “What a Wonderful World It Would Be.” Also one of my favorite songs….

      Thank you James for your thoughtful gesture so we an all enjoy Nicolai’s adventures again.

      Can’t wait to see more photos and thoughts from Chile–onward!



    7. carolyne Says:

      Hooray for James!
      Perhaps your coming to Adelaide & meeting me was all so that James could help you out in this way 🙂
      But it’s true – if we all gave a little of ourselves asking nothing in return, what a blessed world we’d have.

    8. Fjumse Says:

      Thanks a lot for all the encouragement, guys. I appreciate it more than these poor words say…

      Talk to you in a little while…


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