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    Top 10 Un-touristy WT-Countries

    Below is a list of the WT countries (25 so far) that I’ve found most un-touristy. Un-touristy being a highly subjective term here. It’s a general assessment and counts such delicate parameters as the numbers of other tourists encountered, the general feel of being oh-so far from the beaten track, the level of the infrastructure, the (lack of) availability of some of the conveniences (supermarkets, libraries, pubs, internet cafés, accommodation) we often take all too granted.

    Noticeable is that all the Central Asian countries that I went through are featured here. It’s no coincidence. That region is a true gem to the curious and not too pampered traveller. It remains one of my absolute highlights of the journey so far. Don’t hesitate, just go.

    Some of the countries (e.g. Vietnam, Turkey) do have very well-visited pockets (e.g. Hanoi, Istanbul) but have made it on the list because of the general feeling factor. There are two sides to the coin and as a long-distance cyclist you always get to see both. It really is like having your cake and eating it, as they say.

    Here goes…

    01. Kyrgyzstan (2006)
    02. Turkmenistan (2006)
    03. China/Tibet (2006)
    04. Azerbaijan (2006)
    05. Uzbekistan (2006)
    06. Georgia (2006)
    07. Tonga (2008)
    08. Turkey (2006)
    09. Vietnam (2007)
    10. Romania (2006)

    Yes, you’ve guessed it, my favourite twins, Australia and New Zealand (a.k.a. The Lands of Conveniences) aren’t on the list! It is not a mistake… 🙂

    On this day..


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