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    Route Map for South America (planned)

    I’ve literally spent days looking at different maps of South America lately, researching possible routes, trying to find an approximate route to Central America without making too many detours and without killing to many darlings. There are endless opportunities (thank God) and I think I must have covered most of them mentally, with my find pointing at the colorful and enormously tempting SA map.

    Anyway, I’ve tried to visualize the route that – sitting here in Santiago, Chile at the foot of the Andes (snow covered, yes) at the “new” beginning of a new chapter in the book of WT – seems most likely. Everything can (and most possibly will) change along the way (thank God again).

    Route South America

    Route Map South America – August 2008(Original)


    NB: And please let me do he worrying here. As always I do my homework in the world of route planning and would never enter a country or a region I didn’t feel comfortable with (either because of ugly road side guerilla bandits or aggressive Copacabana muchachas looking for blond Scandinavians). The world is so much nicer than it seems. Trust me.

    On this day..


    13 Responses to “Route Map for South America (planned)”

    1. Klaus Says:

      It looks like a mountain route most of the way.
      Columbia, I hope Farc are eliminated before you reach that country:)

    2. Nicolai Says:

      Hi Klaus…

      Yeah, a lot of Andean mountains. After a few months on the South Pacific islands and atolls you develop a certain craving for the mountains again. I might change my mind rapidly once the cruel ascents start. The really look steep as Hell here from Santiago at 500 mas. Steep and tempting.

      Someone will take care of FARC. 🙂

      Thanks for your responses!


    3. Thomas O. Says:

      Yo! What happened to Brazil?! Was looking very much forward to anekdotes from that (my favourite) part of Latino land 🙂 …

    4. Nicolai Says:

      Oi! Thomasinho. Brazil’s been my Achilles’ heel in this planning period. As much as I love (and always will love) Brazil and would love to revisit a Terra Marravilhosa, I find it hard/impossible to work out a reasonable bike route through SA (to Central America) that does not do too much boogie-woogie across the continent.

      Unless I would do a “little” loop through across AR to BA, Uruguay, southern Brazil, Paraguay and back to northern Argentina and then continue to Bolivia etc. (still an option, really) I’d end up with a hell of a lot of Amazonian rainforest in front of me in northern Brazil since all the action is along the coast in Brazil, as you’d know, Mr. Olesen 🙂

      We’ll see what happens. No matter where I go, I’ll be there, just there, and that is, at the end of the day, all the matters…

      Thanks for being there, Thomas. More anecdotes to come. Regardless the chosen route… 🙂


    5. Thomas Olesen Says:

      Fully understand… Or, maybe not “totally fully”, coz yes, I’m bitten, smitten and part of my heart is hidden (graca de deus – a nice little rhyme came out! :-)) over there somewhere in Cidade Maravilhosa along that coast as you ever so elegantly refer to 🙂

      But still – think about it… How many guys or girls in our, or any age, can sit there and honestly state: “Unless I would do a “little” loop through across AR to BA, Uruguay, southern Brazil, Paraguay and back to northern Argentina and then continue to Bolivia etc. (still an option, really)”? … That is freedom my friend and much more of a luxury than can ever be bought… Really really inspirational – and thanks for keeping us all in that loop!


    6. Nicolai Says:

      Thank you so much, Tomasito, for the encouraging reply. Had I known about this conversation, back then in Middelfart in the early 1980s, I’d have definitely bought you a lolly or something similar when we raced through the neighborhoods… 🙂

      I WILL keep thinking about the route thing. Thanks for reminding me about the freedom…

      See you in the loop.


    7. Steven Says:

      You haven’t tried to use the free program from google? Google earth is a great program, which you could use to visualize your tour and actually see some of the road ahead, depending if the satelite photos are sharp in that area. http://maps.google.com

    8. Nicolai Says:

      Hi Steven…Yeah, I’ve used Google Maps. E.g on the front page of my site under the intro text (there are links in the text to route maps). Thanks for the suggestion!


    9. Igel & Paola Says:

      Hola Nicolai,

      so it looks, we are not going to meet, if you stay with the planned route. What a petty, after all the months and years following each other on the web…
      We are in Paraguay right now, heading South Brasil, Uruguay, South Argentina than.
      Don’t miss the Casa de Ciclistas of Ramon Marin in Salta in Argentina, the Casa of Lucho in Trujillo, Peru and of course our Casa in San Agustin, Colombia!!! The best places to stay in South America. More info here:

      Enjoy the Andes!!!
      From Aregua, Paraguay
      Igel, Paola & Rambo

    10. Nicolai Says:

      Hi Igel & Paola…

      No, it´s such a bummer that we didn´t get to meet on the road (this time). Practically, I guess it´s just a matter of taking another “big loop” before we´d finally meet on the road.

      Thanks for the Casa de Ciclistas tip. Enjoy the silence (flat Paraguay) before the storm (the Andes)…

      Nicolai (Chilecito, Argentina)

    11. LIL Says:

      My friends and i are thinking of doing a similar trip ourselves.

      How long do you think yours will take?

      Also, are you just biking because we’re wanting to do it using public transports…

      Any advice?!


    12. Nicolai Says:

      Hi Lil…

      My whole trip will probably take nearly 4 years, hence the 2006-2010 RTW journey. 🙂

      Just biking. Boat/plane when water. Simple, right?


    13. Chef KAtia Says:

      Wish I had met you, I envy you, I am Jealous.
      I am going to peru in Sep. in los Andes trekking. I will be back by Bolivia maybe.
      You are the best .

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