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    Photo Album from Tahiti & Moorea!

    Watch the photos (100) here on WT or on Flickr or as a Flick Slideshow

    Nicolai (Santiago, Chile)

    On this day..


    2 Responses to “Photo Album from Tahiti & Moorea!”

    1. Mohammad Says:

      Hi there
      how are you my friend?
      just let you know that 3 days ago I was hosted by Carolyne in Adelaide…such a funny world. isnt it? he told me that she had a nother cyclist staying wuith her from Denmark and I told her was he Nicolas? and after that a couple of big eyes…hahahaha
      I am visiting your pictures now. it seems everything is going well there you are enjoying.
      by the way …there is a question I would like to know. I openned an acount on Paypal. I found on in your website and a link for donation….
      I am wondering how to make the same page due to as I realised the gateway is payable and I have to pay monthly!!! is that right? I would be glad if you help me to find out how it does work.
      thank you very much Nicolas and have fun.
      enjoy man

    2. Nicolai Says:

      Hi Mohammad…

      It is such a tiny world sometimes. How wonderful you had the chance to meet Carolyne in Adelaide. Am very sure she treated you like gold! 🙂

      Reg. the Paypal thing: If you search for Online Logo Centre on the Paypal site after you’ve logged in to your account, you’ll get the help you need. You can design the botton to your liking and then you receive a piece of code that you paste into your site.
      No magic needed.

      You don’t pay a monthly rate. A tiny part of any donation (approx. 2-3%) goes to Paypal which I find quite all right.

      Just a little warning 😉 : When and if you are lucky and receive a donation, be prepared: it is like being hit by a shooting star, knowing that someone out there’s helping you out. A sweet feeling…

      Hope to see you somewhere down the track, Mohammad. That road side meeting in New Zealand was far too short…


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