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    Day 852 – Caves, stone figures, and a dead horse (UK)

    Hanga Roa -> Ahu Akivi -> Hanga Roa
    Distance (km) : 24
    Time on bike : 2h 26m
    Brutto time: 11.00 – 18.00
    Avg : 10.0 km/h
    Max.speed: 38.4
    Total (km) : 32.838

    Ana Kakenga Cave, Rapa Nui.

    My last day on Easter Island. I still have a few caves and stone figures that I want to see.

    Ana Te Pahu, Rapa Nui.

    Sadly, this bit of Rapa Nui exploring also involves a less wanted sight…

    A very sad sight. Rapa Nui - August 2008.

    From the top of Maunga Tangaroa from where there’s a 360 degree super view of most of the island.

    I wasn't exactly reading the Bible. Maunga Tangaroa, Rapa Nui.

    Ahu Akivi, Rapa Nui - August 2008

    Puna Pau, Rapa Nui.

    Tonight, I enjoy my “last supper” with Jaime & Anna Julia in Hanga Roa. They’ve taken care of me so beautifully.

    Jaime and Anna Julia, my Rapa Nui hosts.

    …and yeah, tomorrow, tomorrow I’ll arrive in South America. Finalmente!

    On this day..


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