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    Day 855 – A Concert & A New Tactic (UK)

    The Santiago suburb Peñalolen and the mighty Andes in the background...

    Since my Santiago foster-family mocked me yesterday for taking the dishes (so obviously a job for the housemaid), I try a new tactic today to make myself a little useful. A walk with Niki, the pointer dog. Less harassment is involved this time. The Andes are still there, looming and tempting.

    Festival de Bandas. Santiago, Chile.

    One of Paola’s friends, Ricardo Tampier, is a wizard with the guitar. He plays both classic and rock, acoustic and electric, solo and in a band. Tonight he and his band are recording a studio CD (will they be the rock ‘n roll stars of tomorrow?) in town.

    Ricardo Tampier in full swing!

    The gig is followed by a private celebration party in a tiny apartment downtown.

    It was all a bit loco...

    In just 2 days here in Santiago my alcohol consumption has exceeded that of the last two months in Polynesia.

    Patrick and I at a house party in Santiago, Chile.

    On this day..


    One Response to “Day 855 – A Concert & A New Tactic (UK)”

    1. Paola Says:

      such a funny sunday !

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