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    Day 857 – Tandem in Santiago

    Good morning, Nicolai! The mountains are talking to me now…The view (west) from my room in Santiago...

    Tempting, tempting, tempting…Will go there soon…

    Los Andes from the Peñalolen suburb...

    Ricardo, one of Pao’s (and mine now) friends (the Hendrix guy) has a tandem. He’s invited me to go for a ride in Santiago. An offer I see absolutely no reason to reject.

    Laundry in Santiago

    In the San Diego area in downtown Santiago I’m happy to see a lot of well-stocked bike shops. My bike needs a few things changed before the Andes mountain range, and luckily I find most (apart from good tyres) of the stuff I want for my baby (I still refuse to give my bike a name. It’s just one way for my to (still) claim sanity after being on the road for so long now) (and I generally don’t talk to my bike, for the same reason).

    El Cristo. Cerro San Cristóbal, Santiago - Chile

    After about 10 visits to different bike shops (finding spare parts for my bike is one area in life where you can indeed call me picky!), Ricardo and I head for the Cerro San Cristóbal (mountain) that dominated the nothern edges of the CBD.

    El Cristo. Cerro San Cristóbal, Santiago - Chile

    It’s a stiff climb on the heavy tandem where finding the rhythm is not entirely in your own hands/legs.

    Sunset over Santiago. From Cerro San Cristóbal.

    …it’s worth the effort. As always.

    Santiago skyline + Los Andes

    Los Andes from Cerro San Cristóbal, Santiago - Chile.

    Ricardo and I on the tandem. Santiago, Chile.

    On this day..


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