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    Day 858 – The Grammar World,

    (No photos today – have been studying/reading/speaking Spanish)

    After my Chile arrival a new world has popped up here in Camp WT: The Grammatical World.

    In this, The Grammar World, I construct sentences all day long, peek in my dictionary every now and then, test my new vocabulary with my Chilean friends, ask numerous questions, watch Chilean telenovelas that I would normally never bother watching, and read virtually everything I can find in Spanish (newspaper, TV ads, subtitles from American kids series, the label on the jam jar, magazines, everything written).

    In the other world, The Physical World, friendships are made, sightseeing done, photos taken, web updates fixed, research about the next journey done etc.

    It’s to very different worlds and yet, strangely, they are both integrated in the same person. Me. It’s always about me here and for that I apologize.

    If you do get bored with that, just click the red box in the upper right hand corner with a cross in it. It’ll help.

    If not, I’m happy to be there, somewhere, out there, and that I can share a little of my corner of the world with you.

    On this day..


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