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    Day 859 РMy b̻b̻s need service

    Calle San Diego, Santiago, Chile.

    Calle San Diego, Santiago, Chile.

    Shoeshine man in Santiago, Chile.


    Mirror-mirror #2

    Notaria in Santiago, Chile.

    One thing that’s common for all the different street vendors that fill the streets of Santiago and (among other things) make it a very interesting capital city to me, is the love for the detail, the love for the things they do/sell/offer etc. Their world might be rather confined (economically or otherwise), but they do make sure that everything is clean, ordered, organized, made with love, in that tiny corner of the street where they daily put up their ad-hoc tienda. The way the mandarins are carefully selected and then put in the plastic bag with a movement that shows years and years of practise/doing the same thing all day, the shoeshine men that work the brush with such perfection and elegance, the man selling sugar-covered almonds in small bags that are neatly arranged behind the glass on his little four-wheeled wagon. It’s pure love and I love it.

    Santiago has really surprised me positively.

    The Juice Vendors. Santiago, Chile.

    Santiago grafitti.

    Mr. Harry Müller is a true camera legend around here. In nearly 3 hours he removed every single dust molecule from the inside of my SLR camera. It wasn’t cheap, but it sure was an experience to see the legend in action. No more dust particle on the blue skies. Altiplano, here I come!

    Me and Harry Müller, the camera repair man. Santiago, Chile.

    Harry Müller, the camera repair man.

    On this day..


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