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    Day 861 – Bellas Artes

    Yesterday up to 130 mm rain fell over Santiago. Mad dog. The downpours reached the news level (it doesn’t really take a lot these days, does it?) and both the evening news and today’s paper made the rain head line stuff.

    After the heavy rain in Santiago...

    I spent most of 2 hours this afternoon cruising around in huge supermarkets here in the Peñalolen suburb. Walking down the aisles looking at virtually all the products is like an interactive language lesson for me:

    Escobilla limpia, cocaditas, membrillo, nuez mariposa, palta are all new entries in my growing Spanish vocabulary. Thanks to Jumbo, the supermarket.

    El Jumbo Supermercado, Peñalolen, Santiago, Chile

    Paola, her friend Cony, and I drive into town and visit the Bellas Artes Museum, incl. an expo by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer.

    Santiago city

    Chilean cavalry in Parque Forestal, Santiago.

    Bellas Artes Museum, Santiago.

    The impressive interior of Bellas Artes Museum, Santiago.

    Bellas Artes Museum, Santiago.

    Kid's paintings. Bellas Artes Museum, Santiago

    The beautiful facade of the Bellas Artes Museum, Santiago.

    Colonial architecture by night. Santiago, Chile.

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