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    Day 862a – A Human Palet (UK)

    A walk with Niki, the Pointer.

    My foster-home in Peñalolen, Santiago - Chile

    Guard at the Palacio de la Moneda, Santiago - Chile.

    NB: Never mind the a and b confusion regarding the Day 862a and (tomorrow) 862b. In “real life” I have in a way travelled on more day than the counter on the WT front page shows, since I got an extra 5th of July when crossing the Int. Date Line on my way to Tahiti. But then again I lost that day, hour by hour, during the first 800+ days of travelling east.

    By adding this a/b thing I’m now synchronized with the proper Gregorian calender and not my inner calender that, consequently, counts one more day. No one but me cares, anyway… 🙂

    La Chica

    Paseo Bulnes, Santiago - Chile

    A Quiet Sunday in the park. Santiago - Chile

    Paseo Bulnes, Santiago - Chile

    Leave in Fountain. Santiago - Chile

    Church + The Andes.

    A Happy Man. He just found a pair of leather shoes in the bin.

    Palacio Cousiño, Santiago - Chile

    Homeless in Santiago.

    Plaza de Armas, Santiago - Chile

    El Rabino, Santiago - Chile

    Homeless in Santiago.

    I'd prefer my tent...Santiago ramshackle.

    Santiago is a great city + it has a spectacular setting.
    But now I just want to ride my bicycle. Up into the mountains…

    Cementerio General, Santiago, Chile.

    Cementerio General, Santiago, Chile.

    Homeless in Santiago.

    Phew, that was a lot of photos. You made it to the end. Thanks. 🙂

    On this day..


    5 Responses to “Day 862a – A Human Palet (UK)”

    1. Paola Says:

      Like always ur pics are beautiful !!!!
      amazing shots! and better coz they r from my town !!! 🙂
      c u some where…

    2. Paola Says:

      Niki !! te extrana como todos!, vi las fotos con mi mama, y reimos muchoooo!!
      hahahaha, u need to upload more pics( but just the nice ones !!!! )

    3. Eduardo Says:

      Chile er ikke kun hjemmeløse og pensionister, Nicolai

    4. Nicolai Says:

      Hi Pao…

      Thank for the roses.

      But I did put all the nice ones ! 🙂

      Made it safely to Mendoza. A truly fantastic ride over the Andes.

      Besos, Nicolai

    5. Nicolai Says:

      Hej Eduardo…

      Du har helt ret!

      Er der nogen, der påstår det? Det ville da være fjollet, ville det ikke…? 🙂


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