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    Day 869 – The Inner Gear Box (UK)

    Economically, this world can be hard to explain. An example:

    Here in Mendoza, Argentina 12 USD gives me a dorm bed (comfy), breakfast, lounge with cable-TV and int’l people, hot water, and free internet 24 hours a day.

    On Moorea in French Polynesia 24 hours of internet alone would cost me 480 USD!

    Plaza de la Independencia, Mendoza - Argentina

    Mendoza suburb. Argentina, August 2008.

    Even after just 4 days of cycling from Santiago to Mendoza, my body’s found the “expedition mode” and this morning it stubbornly stays that way. “Gotta get Nicolai moving, gotta get Nicolai moving” is the mantra.

    Somehow, I have to find the inner gear shift and put my body in the N(eutral) position or at least find the smaller cogs in the inner machinery. Freddie once said that too much love will kill you. I don’t really know about that, Freddie, but I’m afraid that too much up-and-go-energy (and caffeine in the veins as well, it has to be said 🙂 ) will do the same…

    Mendoza suburb. Argentina, August 2008.

    Horse cart in a Mendoza suburb...

    At the other end of town (good for the excess energy) I find an extra bike tyre. I’m very picky when it comes to tyres (when it comes to anything that my bêbê is going to wear), but am quite relieved to find a foldable Specialized not-too-knobby tyre at a price so high that I’ve already forgotten.

    Restaurante Quinta Norte, Mendoza.

    On this day..


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