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    Day 872 – San Juan -> Tucunuco (deserted house)

    San Juan -> Tucunuco (deserted house)
    Distance (km) : 115
    Time on bike : 5h 46m
    Brutto time: 11.00 – 18.30
    Avg : 20.0 km/h
    Max.speed: 63.8
    Total (km) : 33.562
    Altitude (end of day): 800 m.

    Tune of the Day: Avalanche – Ryan Adams

    Slow transport in Argentina...

    Cute, old cars are everywhere in NW Argentina...

    Pee break with bike knicks on. A bit awkward but it works!

    Ruta 40 north of San Juan, Argentina.

    Smooth, beautiful cycling along Ruta 40.

    Tucunuco ghost village. Argentina, August 2008.

    A content RTW-cyclist on a sunny Ruta 40, Argentina.

    Wild camp at abandoned house. Tucunuco, San Juan Province, Argentina.

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    6 Responses to “Day 872 – San Juan -> Tucunuco (deserted house)”

    1. carolyne Says:

      Ha, you have 40° winter days & I have 15° summer days!
      I’ve just hiked the Icelandic Landmannalauger – Þórsmörk trail & seen some lovely landscapes that I think you’d love, but not to cycle over…

      & I think Dannebrog needs a wash, especially after that sandstorm!

    2. Maca Labbe Says:

      ooooo pelito corto !!!!

      saludos !!

    3. Nicolai Says:

      Hi Carolyne….

      Good to hear from you. It sure is an upside down world sometimes.

      Two minds, one thought. I just washed my beloved Dannebrog (and myself) the other day. All good.


    4. Nicolai Says:

      Hola Maca….Si-si-si…pelito corto.

      I didn’t have the courage (like Ricardo) to let Paola do the hair cut… 🙂


    5. RichNYC Says:

      Nic, hope you still remember me;)

      When do you expect to get to the United States? Glad you are still having fun and man I’m soooo jealous. Time for me to get my ass off and touring again. Stay safe, lots of tailwinds and enjoy the nice weather and people down there;)

    6. Nicolai Says:

      Hi Rich…

      Is it possible to forget – after those expedition days across Tibet? I guess not.

      As I just mentioned on your new site, it´sgreat to see that you´re getting back on the road again. ´Cos in my mind, that really is where you belong, Rich. I will forever have fond and great memories from our rough cyclings days from Saga to the Nepali border…(never mind the gas factory, huh?) 🙂

      A semi-wild guess for my US entry would be summer 09.

      God bless…


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