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    The World in Just 3 Notions…

    How would you describe the countries you´ve been to so far with only 3 words?

    No one ever asked me that question but I thought it might make for an interesting (if superficial) observation…and I had to keep myself busy waiting for my pizza last night anyway! 🙂

    (Some things are clearly not descriptions of the country at all but more like what comes to my mind looking back…)

    Poland – forests, flat, Pablo
    Slovakia – brief, Tatra mountains, camping
    Hungary – flat plains, unpronouncable city names, moving
    Romania – medieval, rustic, favourite
    Bulgaria – summer feeling, Rockets of Varna, old cars
    Turkey – fantastic, hot, Soccer World Cup
    Georgia – authentic, charming, beautiful
    Azerbaijan – hot, Russian, hospitable
    Turkmenistan – strange, desert, Pres. Nijasov
    Uzbekistan – Silk Road, fascinating, stunning cities
    Kyrgyzstan – photogenic, untouristy, adventure
    China – challenging, unforgettable, beautiful
    Nepal – restitution, spiritual, most pretty
    Thailand – hedonism, socialité, paradisiac
    Cambodia – history (tragic), Siem Reap, blind massage
    Vietnam – family visit, super cheap, in-your-face
    Laos – mountaneous, unpolished, Mekong
    Malaysia – green, friendly, faith
    Singapore – world class food, humidity, up-beat
    Indonesia – volcanoes, magnificent, diverse
    Australia – outback magic, hospitality, varied
    New Zealand – pure, impressive, hilly
    Tonga – unspoilt, paradisiac, isolated
    French Polynesia – picture perfect, relaxation, expensive!
    Chile + Easter Isl. – Andes, mythical (Rapa Nui), friendliness

    On this day..


    4 Responses to “The World in Just 3 Notions…”

    1. Daniel Says:

      Håber du har det godt, kan forstå du er nået så langt som sydamerika! Siden sidst har jeg været i Indonesien 2 måneder mere, bla. i Maluku provinsen. Fantastisk. Tager derned igen her i efteråret.
      Held og lykke videre, sydamerika er jo for fedt!:)

    2. Nicolai Says:

      Hej Daniel…

      Længe siden. Dejligt at høre, at du fået udforsket mere af det imponerende ø-rige.
      Held og lykke med efterårets projekt!

      Kærligst, Nicolai

    3. pao Says:

      hey nicolaiiii!
      i like what u wrote about Chile!
      we miss u……. abrazos de la familia!
      chau amigo!

    4. Nicolai Says:

      Hi Pao – thanks to you and your lovely family. I still (some 8 months later) have very fond memories of my time with you in Peñalolen/Santiago last year…

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