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    New Mini Movie from Tonga!


    You can see all WT movies here

    On this day..


    4 Responses to “New Mini Movie from Tonga!”

    1. Bill Nelson Says:

      Nice one mate! Love the off-road mud riding and the fondness of (for?) pigs. 🙂

    2. Lisa C Says:

      Hi Nicolai,

      This is great. Good work as usual. You have taken a great snapshop of an entire culture in a quick clip. But you know you’re ruined for sure. How will you ever work a desk job from 9-5?…probably never gonna happen now…


    3. Nicolai Says:

      Hi Bill…Personally, I’d prefer the pigs to the mud, anytime.
      It hurts me to see my two-wheeled darling that dirty. Generally, I don’t mind ’em being a trifle dirty, but this was over the top in my book. 🙂


    4. Nicolai Says:

      Spot on, Lisa! Spoiled and ruined that’s what I am. Can’t help it now, can I?

      I just double-checked it, but no, “9-5” is not part of my mental dictionary. And if it’s not in that book, it simply doesn’t exist. Thank God.

      Thanks, Lisa, and good luck with getting ready for the you-know-what 😉


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