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    My last weeks…

    Wow – the last three weeks have been quite unreal for me. Since I got back from lovely Tenerife in the beginning of February I’ve taken a deep dive into the planning stage of the expedition; hundreds of e-mails have been sent to potential sponsors, we’ve given one interview with a Danish national tabloid newspaper (still waiting for the article to get published), other media agents contacted, I’ve tried (with some success) to establish some sort of personal @-contact to a bunch of other touring cyclist around the world (see our links page) and I’ve received loads of e-mails from these great people who have been an inspirational factor for the last year or so. Thanks you guys! The sponsors are slowly starting to see the qualities of supporting our expedition – 😉 – but all these preparational acts have taken its heavy toll on me.
    On average I’ve slept 4-5 hours a day and my heart has been racing like never before (it seems almost unreal that my morning heart beat was just 44 beats/minute a month ago in the tent on Tenerife) though my doctor told me everything was just fine.
    Waking up far too early in the morning totally unable to get back to sleep has been part of my daily routine and all day long I’ve had this strange feeling of being high on some sort of natural stimulant! This life style combining “hardly any sleep” with a “constant dope feeling” proved to be a very bad cocktail for me: Two days ago I suddenly felt the dizzyness, sore throat, sneaking fever – a clear warning sign that the body doesn’t put up with the way I’ve been treating it for the last few weeks. I accepted and went to bed almost non-stop for 24 hours and now I’m fine. Back on the great road inevitably leading to the door of my dream! La vie douce…but spare me all that crack!


    On this day..


    18 Responses to “My last weeks…”

    1. Anette Thorsen Says:

      What can I say, except from Good Luck, and “break a leg”, not literally of course!

      My colleague showed me your site, very exiting indeed.

      All the best, I am sure we will follow you in the media.

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    7. PhiMix Says:

      Only a little envious… I hope I can persuade some of my friends to go with me on a similar trip 🙂

    8. PhiMix Says:

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    11. Strate Says:

      Hey both of you… I just wanted to let You know that I think it’s incredibly brave ( og sejt 😉 ) of You to leave job, family and friends for 2 years to follow a dream .. Have a great trip and good luck ..

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