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    Day 886 – The Foolish Wonders (UK)

    (Photos to come)

    A slight morning-after feeling follows me most of the day. It feels great for a change. And it was good to feel the foolish wonders of cold beers yesterday. I gladly pay the price today.

    My thoughts are a bit distorted and hungover all day. I spend a considerable amount of time wondering how an otherwise graphically beautiful word like “tennis” lost one “n” in this Spanish-speaking part of the world…

    And I realize that I don’t really support (nor understand) the concept of the doggy bag. No matter the size of the portions served in front of me, I finish the plate to the very last grain of rice or whatever. I never have to ask for a separate box for the leftovers. My stomach is my doggy bag.
    It’s quite some contrivance, I tell you.

    If you ever wondered where all the words have gone, try and have a look here . They do exist, though in a slightly different tongue (and probably one you’re not too familiar with – the Danish).

    On this day..


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