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    Dag 887 – Byens charmer (UK)

    (Photos to come…)

    Salta has a lot of colonial charm, quite a big city buzz without being loud and ugly, a beautiful plaza (some people claim it’s the prettiest in the world. I find that kind of statements brave, but sure that Plaza 9 de Julio is nice), Argentinian street life and none of the inflated and hysterical tourist prices you often find in the wake of the influx of loaded foreign tourists. It’s hard not to like Salta.

    Tune of the Day: Shine On – The Kooks

    Sky’s grey, air’s cold today. I see it as an invitation to have a proper working day in Camp WT in front of the laptop at the Los Cardones Hostal.

    God Bless free wifi!

    On this day..


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