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    Day 888 – Cerro San Bernardo (UK)

    (Photos to come…)

    It´s day #888 in Camp WT. A beautiful number if you ask me. And not quite as diabolic as its younger brother. I promise myself that in 112 days from now, I´ll celebrate myself, WT and everyone around. Promise.

    Cerro San Bernardo.

    That’s the name of the hill immediately east of Salta that dominates the view from all the east-west bound streets downtown. The top of the hill is easily accessable either by road, by cable car or by a staircase that zig-zags it’s way to the top (1.071 steps) 284.92 metres above the city and 1.454 m.a.s.

    I know my figures about that hilltop. I did my homework today.

    I opted for the zig-zag way to the top. Nice views from the top, though somewhat restricted by clouds and hundreds of fellow tourists (mostly the cable car variety).

    Tune of the Day: Trubbel – Häkan Hellström (Sweden)

    On this day..


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