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    Here’s an update on what going on right now..

    • Nicolai have had great “fun” by taking his typhoid fever vaccine 🙂 (result: a big rash over most of his body..) Martin is awaiting his reaction to the small tablets with dread..
    • Busy times at WT headquarter! A lot of input and output – we are so very happy about all the big support we get everywhere!
    • We’ve been named Team WT!! by our main sponsor Print2People – (Jesper & Henrik, it seems like you are living a few dreams through os 😉 and us through you)
    • We are very happy to see sponsor-packages of all sizes arriving – and to our big surprise not all of them with crystal clear name of the sender. Crazy! Has the roumor of our projet gone worldwide??
    • Martin can now see the end of the neverending workingdays.. The game is in submission now! Yay!
    • The electronic equipment is getting there aswell. We just bought a Sony Cybershot T9 camera (the first purchase on our newly created “joint economi” 🙂 )
    • It seems like Martin is finding rental occupant for his apartment!
    • Nicolai has given notice on his apartment and is moving out 1st of April – straight into the livingroom of Martin where he’s staying until takeoff

    and this is just a few of all the interesting things happening at the moment.

    23 days left.

    On this day..


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    1. Uwe Says:

      Hallo Ihr Weltenbummler.Mit Eurer Weltreise habt Ihr Euch ja einiges vorgenommen.Bin über die Webseite von Weltsichte.de auf Euch aufmerksam geworden und würde gerne die bevorstehende Tour auf dem Pc mit verfolgen.Spreche leider nicht dänisch und auch kein englisch um Eure Berichte zu verstehen.Würde mich freuen und da spreche ich bestimmt auch im Namen anderer Deutscher wenn es möglich wäre auch die Berichte in deutscher Sprache zuveröffentlichen.Wünsche Euch Alles Gute für die bevorstehende Reise. Uwe aus Mühlhausen/Thüringen(DDR)

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