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    A brief update from the dusty roads (UK)

    Just a very brief note here from Cotagaita, a dusty village 85.7 km north of Tupiza which I left this morning.

    It´s been another super hard day mainly due to the, at (most) times, tragically sad surface of the roads here in southern Bolivia. The first 20 km out of the valley where Tupiza nestles beautifully was pretty much up hill on sandy, stony, windy roads. To spice it all up, a lot of road construction was going on, making the dusty roads even dustier, and sending me on some mean and steep detours in loose sand.
    3 hours after I left Tupiza at 9AM, my bike computer told the sad truth: less than 15 km pedaled so far.

    After a little more than 7 hours of pedal pushing I just arrived in this small village where I´ve checked in to some basic family-run hostel (2.5 USD).

    The landscape is bleak and wild western-like. It is beautiful but today I hardly had time to appreciate the cacti-clad hills and valleys with my eyes constantly focused on the gravel. The bumpy roads have taking its toll on my HD video camera. It´s full of strange sounds and doesn´t seem to work at the moment. Pity, that.

    The Koga (my bike) is suffering on the washboards as well. Gears are starting to fuck up because of all the dust and me, well, I just hope the non-stop shaking won´t shake the manhood out of me.

    It´s slow, it´s rough, I feel under pressure because of so many different factors up here, it´s beautiful, it´s poor, it´s very different culturally, it´s frustrating, it´s remote, I feel alive, I´m dreaming of asphalt, and very soon, I´ll be sleeping in my simple alojamiento.

    Can´t think anymore. Gotta go.


    On this day..


    4 Responses to “A brief update from the dusty roads (UK)”

    1. Eva Says:

      What to say, Nicolai?! I know EXACTLY how you feel…and how the Koga feels!!! The Andes er virkelig ikke for børn! KH Eva

    2. John Brown Says:


      Just read this account, I too did this journey on a bike through Bolivia recently, I know the small village of Cotagaita, I remember the awful road that brought me there, though if memory serves me right you should have good road all the way through Bolivia now, they were building a new road when I was there. It wasn’t quite finished and I had to carry bike over earth mounds, but I had the road all to myself. Its still a bitch of a ride though, with many climbs. Good luck to you.

      John Brown


    3. Nicolai Says:

      Hi John…

      Thanks a lot for the reply. I just arrived in Potosi, and you’re absolutely right. That ride was a bitch. 🙂 From Cotogaita I enjoyed around 60 km of pavimiento (super smooth and fast) then for the next 55 km around Vitichi is was back to hell roads. The last 50 km on the way to Potosi were legendary (and rollercoaster-like, yes!).

      Man, I feel happy sitting here in bustling Potosi some Saturday night.

      Thanks again, John. Take care of Manchester!


    4. Nicolai Says:

      Hej Eva…

      Nej, Andes er ikke for boern. Kogaen klarede skaerene i denne omgang og det gjorde Ortlieb-taskerne ogsaa.

      Bliver noedt til at blive her i Potosi nogle dage, om ikke andet for at injicere en masse kaerlighed i Kogaen og det oevrige grej. What a ride!!!

      Kaerligst, Nicolai

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