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    Day 914 – A Danish Encounter in Cochabamba

    Cochabamba MC police squad

    Christian and the Bolivian gentleman...Cochabamba Market.

    A Red Wall in a Red City. Cochabamba, Bolivia.

    Pigeons gotta be on the list of the most simple and stupid creatures around. I’ve studied a lot of pigeons in all parts of the world, in rural and urban settings, and it’s the same thing every time: Eat and screw, eat and screw, eat and screw. That’s really all it takes to be a pigeon. And these were no different.

    Eat and screw, eat and screw...

    Chance has it that I meet a fellow Dane today at the fruit market in Cochabamba. Christian is here in Bolivia to do his anthropological fieldwork for some 4-5 months. We spend most of the afternoon speaking Danish at the fruit market. Haven’t really felt that kind of understanding for a long, long time and it feels great.

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