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    WT on TV

    Yesterday we used most of the day (6 hours) to record 90 minutes long raw material on tape with DR (Danmark national broadcasting company). Those 90 minutes are going to be cut down to 4 and broadcast in the show “Sådan ligger landet” on Sunday at 19.30.

    Rasmus and Brian preparing

    It was fun but also a bit hard day. WT, bycles, fear and expectations were discussed. The journalist Rasmus and camera-man Brian were cool guys and very thorough!

    Brian in action

    The day ended at Kalvebod Brygge (address of my (Martin) work place) where were bycycling up and down along the canal before we went inside and rounded off the day with a few words inside the warm office. I probably should have dressed warmer than the thin jacket – it not quite spring here yet!!


    Martin at IO Interactive

    On this day..


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