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    Cochabamba Update (UK)

    A brief note here from Cochabamba (approx. 610.000 inhabitants) – the City of Eternal Spring – in Central Western Bolivia.

    I got here on Wednesday late afternoon after 3 very long and hard cycling days from Sucre (see log). 24 hours of tough and hilly pedalling in 3 days. The roads were a great mix of smooth asphalt, concrete blocks (smooth as well), potholed asphalt, cobbled roads (bad and agate-shaking, yes!), gravel. Bolivia is diverse!

    Meanwhile, I’ve been trying hard to catch up with all the caipirinhas & cervezas that I haven’t been drinking lately due to the rough cycling here in Bolivia. I randomly ran into a Danish guy, Christian at the fruit market stalls the other day. Such a great thing! Christian is an anthropologist (to-be) and is here in Bolivia to do his field work. We’ve been hanging out for the last few days and it’s just been fantastic to catch up on my Danish again and to enjoy the luxury of great company.

    Haven’t done much during the last days here; eating well, listening to Band of Horses (I’m totally lost in this song on Youtube – check it out!) in the cheap internet cafes, hanging out in parks and in the sunny streets of Cochabamba – yet another great, great Bolivian city. A the lures of the good night life here has turned me into an ad hoc nocturnal beast for now. It’s hard on the liver but it’s good fun.

    A few photo updates in the diary…

    Day 908
    Day 909
    Day 910

    More to come soonish…

    Another sort of update from the automobile corner…

    Realizing that it’s just 400 km on smooth asphalt (crossing a altiplano high pass in nearly 4.500 m) before I hit the administrative capital, La Paz and from there some 100 km to the Peruvian border has made me slow down a bit for now (meaning: chilling out in cities just a bit longer). I’m not really in a rush to leave Bolivia that (as expected) has been fantastic in many ways – culturally (lots of photogenic aymara and quechua indians), gastronomically (great, filling, cheap food stuff around), socially, naturally, economically (dirt cheap).

    Tarabuco Sunday Market. Bolivia, October 2008

    Thanks for your support out there. I hope all is good with everyone.


    On this day..


    2 Responses to “Cochabamba Update (UK)”

    1. Liz Says:

      Hey Nico !
      Coudn’t help laughing at some things you wrote 😀 catching up with all the caipirinhas & cervezas? ad hoc nocturnal beast ? eppa !!! : )

      I’m so glad you’re having a great time in the City of Eternal Spring. And how lucky for coming across another Danish, I suppose you’ve missing having a conversation in your native language.
      You have a nice way of describing things, landscapes,places, people ….it was very easy to imagine everything you said with all the details given.

      Can’t believe you were in Argentina just some weeks ago and now you’re wandering along the streets of a country in which i lived for 2 years and although i don’t know every corner of it, i simply love it.

      well traveller, have a nice week and take care of your liver!!


    2. Nicolai Says:

      Hi Liz…

      Thanks a lot for your kind reply.

      Now that I don´t have you and Emilio to share a few mojitos with, I have to act differently. And so Bocks (cerveza) and tragos it is for now.

      I totally understand your love for Bolivia. I´m the same. I really don´t feel like leaving this country, though I know that next up, Peru, will be equally impressive.

      Hope Mendoza still treats you just fine, Liz..

      Besitos, Nicolai

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