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    Day 922 – My Visual Take on La Paz (UK)

    This is good. La Paz has taken me by surprise already. The bustling city is full (as in FULL) of street vendors, small interim, ramshackle stalls selling whatever anyone would possibly need. Including plastic bags with drinking water (0.5L) at just 8 US cents/bag – a much needed offer after yesterday’s drinking bout in the classy, colonial bar (the old ball room) at the great Loki Hostal packed with international, fun-loving travellers.

    Llama foetus in La Paz' Witch Market...

    Llama foetus in La Paz - Bolivia.

    Homeless or just seriously hungover?

    Plaza Murillo, La Paz - Bolivia.

    Llama foetus in La Paz' Witch Market...

    The Naked Pollo...

    Aymara tradition (incl. llama foetus) in La Paz...

    For hours I walk around the busy streets of the capital, wathcing, smelling, listening, filming, snacking (a beautiful fruit shake go for just 45 US cents, so why not take two?).

    Market in La Paz...

    San Francisco Catedral - La Paz.

    La Paz street life...

    On a more interesting note, I met what was most likely my first street bandit today. A suspiciously looking figure was following me in one of the crowdier backstreets. I stopped to see what he was up to, he did the same a few seconds later, looking down and around secretly checking up on my whereabouts.

    Inside the San Francisco Catedral - La Paz.

    I instinctly knew something wasn’t right, so I decided to confront the bugger and went right next to him staring at him trying to indirectly show him that I knew what kind of bad fella’ he was and that it’d take a more cleverly configured masterplan to trick me. My beloved Canon SLR was not going to change ownership just now. I think the bugger got the message and soon left the place, head down.

    Street vendor in La Paz.

    Meat market in La Paz...

    Since I arrived in Sucre a few weeks ago, going out, meeting people, having a few stubbies has become an increasingly important part of the journey at this stage. Partly because I now feel that I can afford it, and partly because sharing stories, laughing, communicating and other important ingredients in the social fabric called life, really is what matters when it all comes down to it. You can take (and be impressed by) only so many waterfalls, canyons etc. but the social life, sharing perspectives on this and that never stops impressing me.

    Catnapping in the office hours!

    La Paz street life...

    La Paz street life...

    Cinnamon sticks...

    La Paz market...

    Girls & Pigeons.

    Plaza de los Estudiantes, La Paz.

    And Loki Hostal is a great place for just that. It is to be a wild and crazy night out with handfuls of newly made friends from New Zealand, Switzerland, Australia, Germany, Ireland, the UK, Brazil, Bolivia at the Loki Bar and (in the wee hours) the nightclub Orange.

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