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    Day 924 – Carnival in La Paz (and a Top 10) (UK)

    Going out the last few nights hasn’t purely been one massive diabolic drinking fête (but close, really). Thus, times spent in bars and discos have given me the opportunity the make an anthropological (sort of) reflection on the drinking habits of the different nationalities I’ve met on this and previous travels. Some people really know how to throw a party, how to bottom (up) those Bock beers and drinks. To me (and I’m sure I’m not the only one) the Irish people will forever be on top of this drinking, party-loving list. They know it. They’re proud of it.

    Top 10 Party People of the World

    1. Ireland
    2. England
    3. Australia
    4. Holland
    5. New Zealand
    6. Scotland
    7. Israel
    8. United States
    9. Sweden
    10. Denmark

    Carnival time in La Paz!

    Carnival time in La Paz!

    Carnival time in La Paz!

    I feel alive today. I walk the endless streets of La Paz, just sucking in the atmosphere created my thousands of Sunday relaxing Bolivians.

    Carnival time in La Paz!

    Carnival time in La Paz!

    Street vendor, La Paz.

    There are loads of parades on the main drag through the city. Very carnivalesque, very colourful, very impressive, very crazy. Seeing the cholitas, the pony-tailed, aymara and quechua speaking indígenas with bowlerhats and short skirts drinking beers like there was no tomorrow and hugely enjoying themselves, is a happy sight.

    Jugo de naranja. La Paz.

    Carnival time in La Paz!

    San Francisco Catedral, La Paz.

    Having fun under the Bowler hats!

    This is La Paz, Bolivia and I love all bits of it.

    Colours of La Paz.

    Pigeon feeding in La Paz.

    Fiesta en La Paz...

    The lowlight of the day is the a visit to the movies. The Bolivian/US made production called Nocturnia is such a crappy movie with a stupid out-of-control ending that didn’t make sense to me at all (admittedly, I probably wasn’t firing on all cylinders after 3 heavy nights out in a row!). 2 hours of total waste + money. Don’t go.

    Simon Bolívar. La Paz, Bolivia.

    In the evening I randomly run into my Swiss dorm mates, Andrea & Martina and we decide to go out for a big steak dinner. Our bodies are all craving for something just a little more substantial than cerveza.

    Nicolai, Andrea, and Martina (both Swiss) at Mongo's in La Paz.

    T-bone, Coke Light and cosy times it is then…

    The Ball Room Bar at Loki Hostal...

    On this day..


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