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    Photo Album from Chile

    I´ve picked some (82) of the best photos from Chile, a country that I´ll definitely go back to some other time. I spent just around 2 weeks in Chile (+ 8 days on Easter Island), most of which I was staying with my good friend Paola and her family in a Santiago suburb. Crossing the Andes was a highlight and quite a challenge.

    It´s a world full of opportunities, so there are 3 ways to see the photos from Chile;

    1. On Flickr
    2. As a Flickr Slideshow (click on photos to see text box pop-up)
    3. On WT

    I hope you enjoy!

    Nicolai (La Paz, Bolivia – 21OCT2008)

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    2 Responses to “Photo Album from Chile”

    1. Klaus Says:

      Beautiful pictures. I remember one of your previous notes, that a Bolivian guy actually believed your trip was paid by the Danish state 🙂
      Since the beginning of your journey, how do you actually make sense of the different encounters and meetings with the locals, that some of them in less fortunate countries are more or less bound to live their entire life in the same region/country, and not being able to travel to other parts of the world as you?

    2. Nicolai Says:

      Hi Klaus…

      Thanks for the reply. Am not totally sure what you are asking about. How I “make sense of”?…

      I always try to be as empathetic and understanding as possible when I meet new people, whatever their social, economical situation. Understanding the full picture when it comes to the wealth of, say, the Danish society, is a very complex thing, so generally I try not to get into it at all. But when I do, I´m careful to mention the level of the Danish taxes, the prices of a new car, a beer in the pub, a square meter of home in Copenhagen and the like. This normally makes people wonder and stare. They just can´t believe it. I always get uncomfortable when people think I´m this incredibly rich, white guy who gets everything paid for. ´Cos that´s just not how it works or is.

      Hope this clarifies, Klaus.


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